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Your group is now the bitch of TGOS

TGOS tgos at spamcop.net
Sat Mar 30 20:05:59 EST 2002

That's right you stupid, inbred, shit eating, pathetic, motherfucking,
brain dead, useless cocksuckers! I'm taking over all of Usenet! There
isn't a fucking thing you can do about it either! You're all a bunch
of worthless scumbags, and now you will all answer to me! If you don't
like this fact TOO FUCKING BAD! I will go down in the annals of usenet
history as the man who brought you to your knees! Now get down on your
knees and pay proper tribute to my glorious self!


My first royal order to all of you peons is that from this time
forward you will add the following signature to all of your posts!

   ***** This was posted with the express permission of *****
   *********** We are simple servants of his will ***********

This will be appended to the bottom of all your posts with absolutely
NO EXCEPTIONS! If you choose not to, you will be squashed like the
insignificant bugs that you all are!

I am running Usenet now! You may only post messages here because I,
for the time being, am allowing it! Do you scumbags understand me!



begin  trash_harddisk.exe
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