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Kyle Capizzi kcapizzi at attbi.com
Tue Mar 19 02:24:24 EST 2002

OK, Ian.  You're getting a little annoying now.  What you have been asked
numerous times is simply, "what are you looking to know?"  Usually when an
intelligent person sees a broad question obviously asked by a neophyte, they
look to narrow down the question in hopes they can keep you from going
hither and yon and finding people claiming to read "brainwaves" and tell you
what you want for breakfast.

Now that you have gone out and insulted a professional (R EEG T means
registered EEG Tech) who facetiously wrote "brainwave technologist".  I
agree she asked the wrong question, but you must admit it had much to do
with your unprepared question.  There is a lot of junk floating around on
usenet and people tend to protect their turf.  Do you still want help in
finding what you need or did you get enough help with "mindwaves"?

It sounds like you've picked up a lot of articles and are devouring them.
What are the questions you think you're answering?  I'm interested to see
how you've made them fit your reality...

"Ian Field" <i.field at virgin.net> wrote in message
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> "mat" <mats_trash at hotmail.com> wrote in message
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> > Checkout the work of Walter J. Freeman at UC Berkeley and G. Buzsaki
> > (I.m not sure where his group is , but I think his name is sufficently
> > rare to give you the page on  a general web search!).  Freeman deals
> > with the changes in the cortical EEG in response to perception,
> > whereas Buzsaki is concerned with the theta rhythms of the
> > hippocampus.  Both sites have a large number of papers for free
> > download, so their references should give you ideas for wider
> > searching later on.  Freeman has also published a few books which you
> > can get on Amazon.
> >
> > Cheers
> Very many thanks for the only intelligent response from this NG. So far
> only had time to follow up on one of the references you provided - Walter
> Freeman, this author has provided numerous articles relevant to my study -
> many of which have a keyword list at the top and a bibliography reading
> at the bottom. Compiling a table of links from these references has taken
> full days work and swapping in an empty hard-drive to accommodate the
> research resources, so it will probably take another few days to search
> through and prioritise the most relevant publications so study can begin
> properly.
> It is very sad that one of the least helpful replies to my request for
> suggestions on where to search for relevant research resources - ignored
> fact that I had asked that very question and demanded to know; "why are
> asking that here?"! This is from someone claiming to be a "brainwave
> technologist" - if this is the standard of the 'professionals' in the
> field - the human race is in very serious trouble indeed!
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