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mental life of an ADOPTEE

Melissa Davies mldavies at ualberta.ca
Mon Mar 18 14:44:18 EST 2002

While I am not an expert either, I can tell you this:
Many so-called personality traits can be linked (even if it's not
100%) to genetic background. Although there may not be a specific gene
linked to guitar playing, some characteristics can become more likely
in closely related individuals. It is similar for the prevalence of
Psychiatric disorders such as depression - the risk of incidence is
much higher among people who have a first order relative who is also
afflicted. That may not explain why you and your biological father
have both suffered from it, but provides support to the theory that it
is not mere coincidence either.

Here's a link to some info regarding the genetics of depression:

Melissa Davies

also_ran50 at hotmail.com (Lee W) wrote in message news:<75157959.0203110206.8aabae8 at posting.google.com>...
> This partly relates to a recent thread. I've dwelt on this issue
> without before now breaching it with someone who can make an informed
> comment. I am adopted, found out late, when I was 23, and only met my
> father about 18 months ago. There are a few things about us that could
> be coincidences but I'm guessing they're not. We have similarities you
> wouldn't think are inherited. The one that struck me the most was that
> we've both played the guitar intermittently and with compromised
> discipline since the age of 14. As someone with a humanities
> background - degree in English and Philosophy - I'd always made
> humanistic interpretations of my character; it would seem though that
> part of my development unravelled according to genetics, and my
> interpretation was slapped on after. I've not become a determinist of
> any description, because the paths of me and my Dad have diverged,
> mentally and literally, due to my day-to-day assessments of what I
> need and where I'm going, etc. But it still amazes me that development
> of this kind can happen, being quite different from, e.g., the fact
> that we've both "suffered from clinical depression". Any interested
> reflection on this, or pointers to material on the subject, is welcome
> by posting or e'mail     also_ran50[then the at sign]hotmail.com

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