Ant language and stuff

Harley socspace at aol.com
Thu Feb 7 21:14:38 EST 2002

Would someone care to comment upon/critique the following assertion
from a post to a social science newslist.  I myself do not know how
confidence to place in it

<<That reminds me of the language of ants which consists mainly of
pheromone signals, just like the brain language consists mainly of
neurotransmitters. Biologists say that ant languages have 10-20 words.
My guess is that none of them contains more than 16 words, because it
is at 16 bits/sec that a semblance of consciousness can appear, at
least in the human brain.>>

Should I use your comments I plan to cite them as coming from a
subscriber(so a neurosience group -- unless, of course, you give me
permission to be more specific.


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