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Physiology Question

Richard Alexander pooua at aol.com
Thu Apr 25 11:45:04 EST 2002

James Teo suggested that I bring this question here, which I had
posted on sci.med.

When I was about 5 years old, I discovered that I could turn on and
off a sensation at will. The sensation resembled the feeling that I
got when I stuck my finger in a light socket, so I called the
sensation, "The Electricity." I've never known what The Electricity
is, and I haven't found any descriptions of it any any of the medical
books I've read. I've asked several doctors about it, but none of them
knows what it is. So, I am bringing my question to Usenet, in hopes
that someone might be able to help me understand the sensation better.

I don't have to move to create the sensation; I simply turn it on. I
can turn it on in just one part of my body, or over my entire body. I
feel very powerful when I turn it on. It numbs pain for a few seconds
in the part of the body in which I turn it on. It also clears my
sinuses when I fire it by my head. I am able to generate the strongest
sensation by lying completely relaxed on the floor, though I can also
produce some of the sensation when I'm standing, walking or running.
If I make the sensation strong enough, my muscles will jerk
involuntarily. If I turn it on full power while I am lying on the
floor, my body will jump and jerk all over the floor. I can only keep
it on full power for several seconds, less than a minute, before I

After I fire, I often become a bit groggy. In fact, as I fire, I
become increasingly stupid and disoriented, and less able to interact
socially. I try not to fire in my head because it has such a strong
bad effect on my thinking when I do that. It may take several days
before I completely recover from turning on the sensation, though the
worst of the effect goes away in a short time.

Does anyone have any comment they could make on this sensation? 

Thank you.

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