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Question ?

Ruthie rah3 at ukc.ac.uk
Tue Apr 16 08:59:11 EST 2002

"Taechon" <karla at kornet.net> wrote in message
news:a9btqa$a50$1 at news1.kornet.net...
> LOL,  My specialty is perpetrators of violent crimes.  I love the most
> difficult stuff you can imagine.

Sounds tough! I prefer children and adolescents - I think that's what I want
to go into, but I'm just a kid myself really, just finishing off my
undergrad degree...got to get back to my dissertation now though!

>I prefer highly manipulative populations.

Maybe you ought to try child too....;-)

> Just my niche.  We all have to be good at something.

So long as its not hynosis, eh?? ;-P

> cognitive-existentialist techniques are a bit watered down for my private
> practice.  Still, this is the internet... I just call em like I see em.  I
> attended my graduation with a baseball cap that had "Pathology Hunter"
> written across the front of it.  My mentors were delighted and got a good
> laugh out of it but many of the faculty were .... well you can imagine.


> Perhaps I'm jaded by 20 years of working

20 years, that's cool. I've had one pooey little year in child and family.

 with street gangs, social services,
> and the legal system.  95% of all perpetrators re-offend, regardless of
> anyone does to or for them and those who want to help, burn out faster
> any other group.  What can I say, I love the trenches but do the other
> to make money.

Well I still call my dad when I need money :-(

  I seriously hope our profession does begin looking more
> towards the strengths that people possess.

Me too
> I've recently made a profession change into the private sector for a lot
> more money.

Cool - know what I got paid for my year's work experience, where might I
add, I worked overtime and long hours and even brought work home with me,
and carried out a research project single-handedly because my supervisor
hadn't done research for about 40 years and the university insisted I did
some....nothing! Not a penny, it cost me a fortune to live away from home
with no income! But it was worth it - I have friends who are still
unemployed a year after graduation because they had no work experience.

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