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A Beautiful Schizophrenia [was: Re: AI Eureka!]

Charlie Gibbs cgibbs at sky.bus.com
Wed Apr 10 15:05:20 EST 2002

In article <7gr19a.ci2.ln at teabag.cbhnet> cbh at ieya.co.REMOVE_THIS.uk
(Chris Hedley) writes:

>According to Charles Richmond  <richmond at ev1.net>:
>> Many schizophrenics are highly intelligent. Their mental
>> abberation is highly stressful, and they weave intricate
>> and intriguing stories about themselves and the world.
>Schizophrenics often suffer from cognitive impairment,
>especially as the condition progresses; antipsychotic
>medications tend to exacerbate the situation, to make matters

You could say the same thing about politicians.

>> But they are delusional...and for this reason they are
>> dangerous. No matter how sympathetic a person might be
>> to the plight of schizophrenics, this fact can *not* be
>> forgotten...
>Contrary to popular belief, schizophrenics aren't particularly
>dangerous; any violence that they're "involved" in tends to be
>directed at them because of their condition, rather than caused
>by them, at least in most cases.  AIUI, schizophrenics are less
>likely to indulge in violence than "average" members of the
>population.  "Behaving in an unusual or disconcerting manner"
>doesn't really count as violence IMHO.

Politicians, on the other hand, can be _very_ dangerous, and
as any newspaper will show, they often get mixed up in some
pretty nasty violence.

I'd rather deal with the schizophrenics.

cgibbs at sky.bus.com (Charlie Gibbs)
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