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Memory Gene, search for

Ian Goddard igoddard at erols.mom
Tue Apr 9 20:24:09 EST 2002

>   Italy Mind Master May Hold Key to Memory Gene
> Thu Apr 4,
> By Stephanie Holmes
> Golfera's method of recall involves linking numbers or words to 
> a familiar mental place.
> "It is a different way of thinking--each concept is translated into
> pictures and these are inserted into a pre-memorized place. It's 
> like a system of rooms which hold the information," he explained.
  IAN: While I don't have anywhere near such a perfect 
  memory, I have noticed something that may be similar
  and I suspect it probably involves the structure of
  neuro-organization. Over the years I've noticed that 
  when I think of some fact, concept, or idea, at the 
  same time I think, or "see," some spacial location 
  that I know of. As an example, when I think of an 
  aspect of Buddhist philosophy, I see the woods at 
  the end of a street that I used walk through to go 
  to Jr High School. And not only whenever I think of 
  that aspect of Buddhist philosophy does that area 
  come to mind, but whenever that area comes to mind
  that aspect of Buddhist philosophy comes to mind. 
  If I took the time I could catalog and map factual
  and conceptual ideas with corresponding locations 
  I know of that appear to have no logical links but 
  that I think of when I think of those given concepts,
  ideas or facts. My hypothesis is that this phenomenon
  reflects how the brain stores data, such that some 
  regions involved in spacial memory play a dual role 
  of also storing conceptual/factual memory, and thus 
  when I access a region for one of the items stored
  there, I'll happen to see other data stored there.
  The article cited above seems to indicate something 
  similar, that of placing memories into locations.
  Although I'm not sure what they mean by "rooms."
  It maybe that the method cited involves imagined 
  rooms whereas my observation involves places that
  I've known. Nevertheless, this may indicate how the 
  method above works with how the brain stores data.


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