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A Beautiful Schizophrenia [was: Re: AI Eureka!]

graymaus at walrus.com graymaus at walrus.com
Tue Apr 9 13:53:04 EST 2002

In article <3CB1AF15.52A369B1 at sff.net>, Geoffrey A. Landis wrote:
>> use.my.name at acm.org (jimirwin) wrote:
>> > After seeing "A Beautiful Mind" I've begun to wonder if some of these
>> > "cranks" are merely deluded.
> I've recently been struck by the fact that great parts of Usenet (and
> the web) are uncannily similar to the conspiracy ravings of paranoid
> schizophrenics.  It occurs to me that there's no prohibition against
> schizophrenics buying computers, and many of the wacky parts of the web
> probably *are* the work of paranoid schizophrenics.  (Unfortunately, the
> web seems to serve as an amplifier.)

 Terminator II struck me as a very dangerous movie . This lady , a
 patient in a very secure mental institution , escapes , and takes out
 after someone who she consideres a danger to mankind . Wouldn't take
 much to set off someone who had schizophrenic delusions to imitate
 her . Not to mention the bit at the start where her son ( whose
 behaviour would seem to anyone standing outside the story line as
 delinquient ) cracks a cash machine with some sort of palmtop ( I
 forget the name , but remember it as a gadget that would have to use
 assembler to work out that problem fast enough ) . What really makes
 me chuckle was that the storyline identified a time when the
 supercomputer went beserk and took off on its own mission . The
 Police here (Ireland) got a new central computer system around the
 milennium , there was row about how much extra the people using it
 would have to be paid to learn the new system . It was to be called
 Pulse , internal reports have it as a disaster , like most things
 done over the Milennium .

Anyway , I turned on the radio news one morning , to be told "Pulse is
going online!"

Aargh , run !

Terminator I was a far better movie .

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