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The Human Nature Daily Review
Launched February, 2001

A resource for those interested in exploring all
aspects of human nature in a mutli-disciplinary

Each week scientists, scholars, journalists and the public
hear of new ideas, findings, and controversies, but are
often left without the contextual information, access to
intellectual resources, and informed commentary that
allow a meaningful and timely evaluation of the scientific
and socio-political importance of any new

By integrating resources and incorporating the features
of a scientific journal, broadsheet, news magazine, scientific
database, multimedia Internet resource, discussion group,
and library our newsletter "The Human Nature Daily Review"
aims to provide the intelligent reader's solution to
information overload.

The site is updated every day with the latest news, scientific
reports, reviews and discussion. Search keys allow one-click
access to: the advice and commentary of over 3000 experts
throughout the world who participate in our research information
networks; topics and authors evaluated through searches of
12,000,000 articles published in 20,000 journals (most available
for electronic delivery); one and a half billion web pages, and
two million books.

The topics covered over the last few weeks include the
Human Genome Project, sex addiction, consciousness studies,
pathological gambling, The Bell Curve, sex differences in the
expression of emotion, maternal care and neuronal development,
the efficacy of psychotherapy, pheromones, fathers and puberty,
evolutionary psychology, suicide and income, the pill and partner
choice, Darkness in El Dorado, theory of mind in chimpanzees
and humans, the causes of schizophrenia, and much more.

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The Human Nature Daily Review

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