prosopagnosia illustration

Michel Kerszberg mkersz at pasteur.fr
Mon Mar 12 03:42:17 EST 2001


Some years ago I attended a lecture by the late Justine Sergent on
prosopagnosia (face blindness). The lecturer flashed two slides at us,
one displaying about 15 human faces, the other about 15 apes' faces.
Everyone agreed that the human faces were all different; while the ape
faces were all similar. On closer inspection of course, the ape faces
turned out to be just as different as the human faces; the point was
that someone suffering of prosopagnosia reacts to human faces the way we
react to the apes'. 

This was so vivid an illustration that I never forgot it. I never saw
those pictures again, however, or anything like them. Would anyone know
where I could find such pictures of two sets of faces?



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