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Brain-Mind: Know Thyself!

RoyBoy aphycho at usa.net
Mon Jun 25 12:45:22 EST 2001

That sounds like an excellent reason to design it in such a way that
so that can be viewed on other browsers as well. If it only works on
msie, it seems that you have designed it using something that is more
of an "anti-standard." Was there some technical obstacle to providing
more general availability?

I held of posting on this...but I guess I will now.

There is a technical obstacle,
browsers do not implement JavaScript the same way...
and even versions of browsers are picky.

There is no real standard when it comes to browser
compatibility.  The advantage to this is innovation and
competition...the disadvange is you have to re-write
software for it to work on all platforms.

It is not a write once, work everywhere reality of Java.
I've been programming JavaScript for my website
to do something.  I works perfectly in Netscape...
but crashes MSIE.  Just because of different implementation
by the browsers.

I have figured a way around it...but it requires a lot more
implementation...but I'll eventually get around to doing it...
however...most do not, either because they don't care,
or because they don't know.

Also...the MSIE guarantee can mean that it works perfectly
for that browser.  So, it may work for others...but it has
not been tested...and it might work...or partially work, or
crash it.

There are solutions to all this...but they are not real options
for the common website.  Mainly because it costs money.

"Smiles free.  Do you want fries with that?"

"If the Truth is dynamic; how will it ever be found?" - RoyBoy


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