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Some more advice (Re: The message from SEXOMATIC CONTAINS A TROJAN)

maxwell mmmaxwell at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 14 08:38:33 EST 2001

Unit 180 <Unit_CLXXX at SputSouth.com> wrote in message
news:p59hit4t3qq7qa4od88v6f7agp6439u2oo at 4ax.com...
> On Sun, 29 Apr 2001 16:59:09 -0400, "maxwell" <mmmaxwell at hotmail.com>
> in bionet.neuroscience:
> >Theophilus Samuels <theophilus.samuels at btinternet.com> wrote in
message news:9chgts$mpf$1 at neptunium.btinternet.com...
> >> Do not under any circumstance run the attachment associated with
this post.
> >> I was very suspicious that this TOTALLY inappropriate message
> >> something malicious and a quick virus-scan revealed a hidden trojan
> >> This person should be banned completely.
> >> T.L.S.
> >
> >Banning does not protect the clueless user from opening unscanned
> > that arrive from other addys/sreen names, however much the intention
is merited.
> >Remember also, that infections can arrive from trusted sources,
> > and even the best buttoned-up system *can* be gotten to, at times.
> >If you're not backed-up, you'll regret it, whether it's the HD or a
> > that brings your system down.
> >Best to do your i-net work on a 'dispisable,' truth to tell.
> >Opening _anything_ without scanning with an AV having fully-updated
> > is jst rolling the dice.
> >Sooner or later, they _will_ come up craps.
> >Of course, since there's now been self-opening exploits sent 'round
in html
> > mail, even scanning won't necessarily suffice.
Where snipped following, I've nothing to add to your excellent
but find AdSubtract problematic (running NT4)

>   Good advice. In addition, I highly recommend:
>   1. Kaspersky AntiVirus, broadest range of protection I know of;
>      uses heuristics and not just set virus detection (and will
>      get those morphy ones). It's taking up less than 5 MB on
>      my system. Scans mail and news databases, too.
>      www.kaspersky.com
>      It's been rated best overall multiple times by the industry
>      (see http://www.kaspersky.com/awards.asp ) AND by hackers
>      (which I consider a higher accolade then PC Mag, et al).

Agreement WRT the raters, but KAV has in fact mis-identified a virus
file recently, as was noted in discussions at grc forums, and though
Computer Associates'
Inoculate Personal Edition has been renamed as eTrust and offered no
longer as freeware, it remains a great AV utility, that I've used with
much satisfaction. It has in fact on two occasions snagged virii that
eluded updated Norton AV.
>   5. if you aren't behind a firewall already, and are working
>      from home, get the free personal firewall Zone Alarm
>      www.zonelabs.com
>      (It which won't protect from viruses, but it WILL prevent
>      unauthorized connections from implanting or using trojans
>      to access your system, if you have been compromised.)

Also available as freeware is Tiny Personal Firewall, which is a
stable and secure protector, that I prefer to ZA, especially WRT to it's
leaner useage of sytem resources. Nice also in that the program will fit
on a floppy, and has complete rule-making configurability,
plus checksum comparison function of all installed software.

>   Frankly I've found that simply not using Micro$oft products
>   for mail/news makes a much more secure system. I use Opera
>   as a browser, as well. It's faster and has a smaller footprint
>   than IE or Netscape, and won't expose you to ActiveX. There are
>   certain sites it won't work with, so I have a stripped down
>   Netscape as a backup. No way I'll ever use Internet Exploder
>   at home.
>   http://www.operasoftware.com/

Your opinion duly noted, while I'm very pleased with IE 5.01sp1
with full patches from MS. I'm guessing you're speaking of
NetScape 4.08 (128 bit encodingversion)

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