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PAPER: ... EEG eigenfunctions of short-term memory

Lester Ingber ingber at alumni.caltech.edu
Mon Aug 23 07:17:17 EST 1999

The draft paper,
          %A L. Ingber
          %T Statistical mechanics of neocortical interactions:
             EEG eigenfunctions of short-term memory
          %J Behavioral and Brain Sciences
          %D 2000
          %O URL http://www.ingber.com/smni00_eeg_stm.ps.gz
is now available at www.ingber.com.  Instructions for retrieval are
given below.

		  Behavioral and Brain Sciences Commentary on

		      Toward a Quantitative Description of
	       Large-Scale Neo-Cortical Dynamic Function and EEG
				 by Paul Nunez

  ABSTRACT:  This paper focuses on how bottom-up neocortical models can
  be developed into eigenfunction expansions of probability
  distributions appropriate to describe short-term memory in the
  context of scalp EEG.  The mathematics of eigenfunctions are similar
  to the top-down eigenfunctions developed by Nunez, albeit they have
  different physical manifestations.  The bottom-up eigenfunctions are
  at the local mesocolumnar scale, whereas the top-down eigenfunctions
  are at the global regional scale.  However, as described in several
  joint papers, our approaches have regions of substantial overlap, and
  future studies may expand top-down eigenfunctions into the bottom-up
  eigenfunctions, yielding a model of scalp EEG that is ultimately
  expressed in terms of columnar states of neocortical processing of
  attention and short-term memory.

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