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the history of mnemic psychology

*Hemidactylus* hemidactylus at my-deja.com
Thu Aug 19 12:38:49 EST 1999

In article <slrn7rng5c.t5h.rlanyon at plato.wadham.ox.ac.uk>,
  rlanyon at plato.wadham.ox.ac.uk wrote:
> On Thu, 19 Aug 1999 02:25:54 GMT, *Hemidactylus* wrote:
> > I also recall Karl Lashley as being
> > attributed with the engram idea before.
> IIRC, Lashley published a paper called "In search of the engram" or
> some such. His take was basically that it was foolish to try and pin
> down the engram to a specific site in the brain, based on lesion data
> in the rat where no matter which bit of cortex he ablated, the animals
> would eventually learn some tasks somehow.

Does this relate to field theory or equipotentiality, issues discussed by
Donald Hebb in _The Organization of Behavior_?

Field and potential also have a certain developmental context. I think
perhaps Driesch's work on sea urchins fits in here historically, at least for
developmental organization. I also recall discussion of morphogenetic fields.
Maybe all that is shared here is the underlying holism of the concepts? Isn't
there a contrast between switchboard connectionism and field theory for
neural organization?

Scott Chase

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