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Mind.Forth Programming Journal: 17 August 1999

John Passaniti jpass at rochester.rr.com
Thu Aug 19 00:32:39 EST 1999

Arthur T. Murray <uj797 at victoria.tc.ca> wrote in message
news:37ba1fa8.0 at news.victoria.tc.ca...
> Aw, gee, about a paragraph ago I started thinking
> about posting these deliberations to Usenet.  I could
> get away with such a post, because many people
> would think, "More nonsense from Mentifex," and
> quickly redirect their attention, while the less
> intelligence-quotiently challenged might find it rather
> fascinating to see how this coding of the AI mind
> proceeds.

I'm sure there are people who find postings of such minutia
fascinating.  Such people aren't "less intelligence-quotiently
challenged" but rather are just starving for entertainment.  Nothing
on cable, radio is boring, and no good bands playing out tonight..
Hey, I know what we can do-- instead of playing nude Twister with a
quart of baby oil, let's instead ponder the fascinating symbol choices
"Mentifex" has used to obfuscate his code.

I guess I have two problems.  Well, three.  The first problem is that
I'm obviously a dumb shit, because for quite some time now I've tried
to follow your messages and see if I could extract something useful--
something practical.  Nope.  But like you so clearly pointed out
above, I'm obviously intelligence-quotiently challenged because I'm
apparently the only one who looks at your online text and your Forth
code and just scratches his head.  Apparently everyone else groks what
you're doing.  It must just be me.

Back to my problems.  Number two is that the name "Mentifex" always
makes me giggle.  It sounds like either a dentifrice or a feminine
hygiene product-- you know, when you don't feel "fresh."  Your parents
gave you a perfectly nice name.  One wonders why some of your messages
use the "Mentifex" appellation, while others come from your real name.
I guess it just adds to the mystery.  So in honor of your silly name,
I have decided to come up with one of my own.  Look for messages from
"Vaginex" soon!  I want to capitalize on the excitement of having a

Last problem is that I'm a terribly impatient sort of fellow with
eerie precognitive powers.  So let me just cut to the chase here and
tell everyone what's going to happen now, so they don't have to wait
years to know the outcome.  It goes like this:

1.  You continue to post messages your Dadaist poetry disguised as
Forth code.

2.  At some point the code will do something moderately interesting.

3.  You announce Mind.forth is ready to rock the AI establishment on
its ass.

4.  Someone who with the ability to decode what it is your are trying
to say manages to do what none of your text and ASCII diagrams have
done so far-- clearly describe your AI methodology.  They'll use
common terms instead of neologisms.  They'll document and describe
giving the framework and theory of operation.  And people will credit
*them* for the work, because they made it understandable.  Bravo for

5.  People will manage to use the ideas in Mind.forth for something
practical and useful.  Yeah, it could happen.

6.  You will for years claim to have invented the methodology, using
newer, more exciting ASCII diagrams of "proof."  These diagrams
include more lines and more boxes with interesting words in them.

7.  You will die of an infection from the knee you scraped back in
April.  Looks like Anda didn't clean it enough.  Several people gather
in a trendy Seattle coffee shop to mourn your passing, but it
degenerates into an argument of the proper translation of one of the
obscure Latin quotes you left in a message.  Suddenly, someone holds
up a framed copy of one of your ASCII diagrams and the crowd gives a
collective "ooooh."

Fade to black.

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