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Shaken baby syndrome

Jeffrey P. Utz, M.D. utzj at auhs.edu
Wed Aug 18 11:07:45 EST 1999

I agree with Dr. LeFever. Do get consent of the parents to talk to the
neuropsychologist though. In addition, the child might benefit from you
talking to his pediatrician. If he was involved in some sort of preschool
(esp. special ed preschool) it would be worth while to talk to the teachers
and as well as the people who diagnosed him for what his progress and
observed limits are. Again, you probably should get consent of the parents,
first. Did you talk to the parents about the history? This would be very
helpful as well, because you need to work with the parents.

Jeff Utz

F. Frank LeFever wrote in message <7p7l8d$175 at dfw-ixnews5.ix.netcom.com>...
>Don't overlook a very obvious resource: the neuropsychologist who
>offered this diagnosis.  Do not take the DSM code too seriously--may be
>just what the NP had to use to fly by the insurance company.
>Not only is she or she the only one who can say exactly what was meant
>by this diagnosis, someone desrving to use the title
>"neuropsychologist" should have sufficient background in neuroanatomy,
>neurophysiology, neuropathology as well as in the cognitive and
>behavioral implications of the diagnosis to clarify the matter better
>than an un-guided look through web pages.
>He or she should also be able to refer you to relevant PRINTED TEXTS...
>I general, I would say one should be thinking in terms of cortical
>contusions, diffuse axonal injury, small petechial hemmorhages, that
>sort of thing.
>AGE at time of injury is also an imnportant variable.
>F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
>New York Neuropsychology Group
>In <37B22D8E.BAD81C33 at swbell.net> Mark and Jamye Yoder
><mjyoder at swbell.net> writes:
>>I am an inexperienced news group user, but I have been reading the
>>postings for a few days.  This news group seems to have some very
>>knowledgeable members that may be able to guide me to the resources I
>>need.  I work in the public school system as an educational
>>diagnostician.  I administer and interpret intelligence and
>>tests. I am also responsible for addressing the functional
>>of disabilities that have been diagnosed by psychologists, medical
>>doctors, and/or other professionals.  We have a new student in
>>kindergarten that has been diagnosed by a neuropsychologist with
>>baby syndrome". The Axis I diagnosis is "dementia".  I have located
>>several web pages on neurology and neuropsychology, but I need to have
>>some reputable sources. Can anyone help me?

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