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Ken Collins KPaulC at email.msn.com
Sat Aug 14 00:48:24 EST 1999

finally got a chance to jump over to the web site.

i've a problem with this:

"Hearing doesn't involve the same time delay. Sounds vibrate relatively
large membranes ("ear drums"), and nerve cells attached to these membranes
respond more quickly than light- gathering cells in the eye."

the chemical processes in the retina are at pico-second response levels.

in my earlier reply, i'd assumed it was just a rehash of the dynamics of
lateral inhibition, which, it's long been known, does the sort of vectoring
that was quoted in the original post in this NG.

there's latency in the visual system as a whole, but this includes
convergence upon a muscle-activation response corresponding to directional
information in a sensory stimulus set. it occurs in all senses, and within
higher-'level' cognition.

seems to me that the Harvard report is 'just' another Bogus thing.

K. P. Collins

Ken Collins wrote in message <#6qwJLT5#GA.121 at cpmsnbbsa03>...
>this's old stuff, reprocessed.
>ken collins
>John wrote in message <934445432.863141 at server.australia.net.au>...
>>"We guessed that the retina of the eye might begin processing visual
>>information before it sends it to the brain," explains Michael Berry II, a
>>postdoctoral fellow in molecular and cellular biology. "Then we did
>>experiments proving that the eye is capable of projecting ahead the
>>trajectory of a moving object so it's seen at its actual location. In
>>activity in the eye can even lead, or anticipate, the position of a
>>moving object."

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