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Brain usage....male and female????

tednat at compulink.gr tednat at compulink.gr
Fri Aug 13 06:27:34 EST 1999

>I have just been told by a friend that aparently men only use one side
>of their brain whilst women use both.

This might be true only for the macho men and even then not exactly.
In this case they probably imprison their female side because of fears
imposed to them during early years of life.
This female side will take revenge on them, either by a bad marriage,
or a close friendship with same sex full of arguments and
So finally, DrDoom :), macho men loose the winning side of their brain
because the revolution of the enslaved female side, leaves no time to
both sides to live their life.
Look at a camera, and then move your eyes from one side to the other.
Afterwards, examine the recorded images in motion and if you see any
bad eye coordination during this process, it is likely that your two
hemispheres are not in peace and you carry a battle inside, DrDoom...
The process of understanding and communicating is lengthy timewise...

>I was wondering if this was accurate as I have also been told that
>each side of the brain controls the opposite side of your body?

Not exactly you see left eye and right eye have connection with both
hemispheres in order to achieve left field vision by both eyes and
right field vision by both eyes (stereoscopic).
It is interesting to check which side you place the screen in the
cinema or the theater.
If you seat on the right side, you place screen on the left.
Then your left vision is sending messages to the right side of the brain
and it is likely that the illiterate but creative and analytic side of
you has the upper hand.
In the opposite case, your male, deductive self has the upper hand.

>Which of these is correct or if neither is correct can anyone tell me
>just what each area of the brain is responsible for?

Deep part is reptilian and tries to survive.
Middle part is mammalian.
Outer part is what we use in order to be human.

Now these 3 parts exist in both hemispheres.
So we have 6 different beings trying to get control.
As the process of understanding evolves, the communication
between them becomes better and quality of life improves.
If one of them or a small alliance takes over the other parts
will create psychological or psychosomatic problems if totally

We project on people around us our own thoughts.
This is the only way to understand ourselves.
Try to understand people in stead of imposing any kind of will
on them.

Any way the parts of our brain are many and even now scientists continue
to learn about them.
They say that in case of brain damage, remaining brain can learn
functions that were not originally located to the remaining part.
Also they say, singing and talking are in different parts.
A singer had brain damage and stopped talking but continued singing.

Epilepsie cured by cutting the corpus callosum gave interesting
observations about the two hemispheres.
It seems that hemispheres separated permit separate functioning of
hands. A man tried to strangle his wife with one hand and the other
tried to stop the first hand!!!
Having corpus callosum intact and been able to play the piano, must
be very interesting for whom ever play good piano.

>Thank you in advance for any help you can offer

>Little Steve

I wonder if you really wanted to know, or if your letter was just
some kind of humoristic research.

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