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The functioning group

As you look down on an active city from the top of a tall building,
you can see thousands of individuals bonded together in coordinated
work. They are more or less working together for both their selfish
interests, and their common well-being.  That which holds the fabric
of human society together is the fulfillment of the needs of
individuals through social communication.

Some examples of our needs are: food, shelter, waste removal,
activity, sex, safety, belongingness, power, achievement, knowledge,
encouragement, beauty, creativity, etc.  The order is not important.
Everyone has these needs, but to different degrees depending on our
environment, culture and makeup.  These needs are met to various
degrees through interactions with and array of things and people.  Our
lives are enhanced as we expand this array.  Our job, for instance,
together with the money it brings, may provide power, achievement,
advancement, food, and shelter.  Even activities that do not yield
money provide these gains.  This is the purpose of a community of

Individually, Our bodies are composed of billions of cells which are
bonded together in coordinated work. They too are more or less working
together for both their selfish interests and their common well-being.
They chemically communicate to keep our movements and thoughts

The cellular-selfish-interests include: absorption, protection,
excretion, secretion, movement, work, and rest.  This organism is a
community of cells.  Consideration of this community identifies who we
are, and what we are.  It tells us where we came from, and what things
are possible.  It is the creator of a model of reality for each of us.
It is the heritable parts of this creator which are the collective
unconscious.  It is the internal neural reconstruction of reality
based on our senses which is the holographic experience.  It is the
perception of this community in response to this reconstruction that
determines if the individuals of the community will strive to approach
a wholesome environment, or retreat from an unwholesome environment,
or not react at all.

Realistic Idealism
Philosophy based on evidence.

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