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Ken Collins KPaulC at email.msn.com
Tue Aug 10 02:30:29 EST 1999

Alan M Dunsmuir wrote in message <7$I9rAAcyur3EwYA at moonrake.demon.co.uk>...


>Your sad little w[db]2t [...] predicts, describes and explains nothing.

do a little experiment.

collect all the pennies in the world, and haul them all to the outside door
of Big Ben's tower.

reinforce the pendulum-positioning structure so that it's extremely sturdy.

then, start adding pennies, two at a time... one high, one low.

keep at it until all the pennies are in-place on the Big Ben's bob.

along the way, you'll see that Big Ben's pendulum not only slows down, it
stops... and it not only stops, it overpowers Big Ben's empowering
mechanism... wdb2t.

so haul a hydraulic ram up into Big Ben's tower, and use it to give the
pendulum a push.

keep adding pennies, one high, one low.

allong the way, you observe smoke coming from Big Ben's pendulum's
newly-reinforced bearings... wdb2t.

along the way, too, your lab assisant, who's monitoring things, patiently,
outside, will see Big Ben's tower start to sway... wdb2t.

keep adding pennies.

along the way, Big Ben's tower crumbles... wdb2t.

the bearings, now on fire in the midst of the rubble of what was Big Ben's
tower, gave out to 'friction'... but all 'friction' is is wdb2t.

...Big Ben has not been "keeping 'time'"... Big Ben has been metering the
one-way flow of energy from order to disorder that is wdb2t.

the difference between our two positions is that, 'yours' constitutes a
'perpetual-motion machine' and 'mine' is all 'just' wdb2t.

Big-Ben difference.

K. P. Collins (ken)

Pete Rose tops Stan Musial's 3630 hits... let'm in the Hall of Fame, Folks.


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