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Recovering from brain damadge ADVICE

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Mon Aug 9 23:11:46 EST 1999

No, I do not think "speed reading or photoreading" would reduce his
frusttration; more likely to increase it.  Certainly chasing after all
the grab-bag of pop-psych poorly-tested (and yes, widely marketed)
stuff you so irresponsibly tout has the potential for MUCH frustration
(after perhaps a few giddy moments of Hawthorn and/or placebo effects
before giving up and going on to the next fad).

"Working in Mental Health/Disability for ages"?  I'd be interested in
knowing when and where, and with what training.  Did any of this
involve work with traumatic brain injury rehab in a rehab setting?

"Never known a time when there is (sic) so much research"? And yet you
cite no research.  Perhaps we have different definitions of "research".

F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
New York Neuropsychology Group

In <37AD33A4.A649AA03 at net.ntl.com> "gordon.kerr"
<gordon.kerr at net.ntl.com> writes: 
>Working in Mental Health/Learning Disability for ages, never known a
>where there is so much research on things that might work for you. So
>good books.
>One I like is Mind Sculpture by Ian Robertson,(Bantam Press)easy to
>&  not too
>As for the actual things you could do, movement exercises like Tai
>Yoga , educational kinesiology are purported to be beneficial.
>Then there are things like Audio-visual stimulation, & bio-feedback
>some people believe alternative  herbal therapies like Gingko Biloba
>blood flow to the brain,  which has to help. Speed reading or
>could maybe also reduce your frustration.
>Hope this does not read like an ad;
>As for web sites covering some of these things go to:
>Strathearn Neurological Access Point
>likewise to help you stay focussed:
>jay wrote:
>> I sustained a head injury and it affected my attension,
>> and cognitive ability.
>> My reading ability is significantly slower than before. It's
>> frustrating having to read sentences over again just to get the
>> meaning.
>> Does anyone know of mental excercises or anything else that can
>> improve cognitive performance?
>> Thank you.

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