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Jim Balter jqb at sandpiper.net
Mon Aug 9 22:41:14 EST 1999

Ken Collins wrote:
> Jim Balter wrote in message <37AD1C2C.7B6624B5 at sandpiper.net>...
> >> >[...]
> >It is true that it seems that way to some persons ignorant
> >of the relevant physics -- like, say, that there's a sun in the sky.
> there's not an 'atom' in the entirety of physical reality, in cluding those
> which comprise Sun, that doesn't 'see' the one-'map' that is wdb2t, and
> 'behave' in rigorous accord with respect to such.

Yes, well, that wasn't my point -- which was that life doesn't
violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics, despite what the creationist
loonies say, because there is a massive dissipating energy source
in the nearby vicinity -- the entropy of the combined system of earth
(with all its life) + sun is increasing.

But, the universality of physical law is a working assumption,
explicitly articulated by Einstein, but theories of varying
plausibility that bend the assumption have been suggested over the
years to explain some difficult observations.  The explicit claim
that that simply *is* the way things are is the province of pompous
jerks who consider themselves to be unmediated ontological

<J Q B>

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