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Alan M Dunsmuir alan at moonrake.demon.co.uk
Mon Aug 9 09:58:36 EST 1999

In article <#x0xPPm4#GA.487 at cpmsnbbsa02>, Ken Collins
<KPaulC at email.msn.com> writes
>if you care to know, Alan, it was in this way that i came to understand that
>adding or removing pennies to Big Ben's pendulum bob results in the bob's
>slowing-down, more, or less, rapidly, all other things remaining 'constant'.
>...of course, Big Ben's mechanism must be so powerful that the quickening,
>or slowing, of rundown (the increasing, or decreasing, of energy
>'consumption' [there's no such thing as 'time' within physical reality...
>doesn't matter what Big Ben, or any other 'clock' says]), due to the adding,
>or removing, pennies, is fairly masked... but it's in-there... just as it
>was in the Kid's body.

Your famous insight remains as fucked up as ever, Ken.

It's not a particular property of Big Ben. ANY pendulum works the same

Changing the weight of the bob make absolutely no difference. It's the
distance from the pivot to the c of g of the pendulum that determines
the period.

Your sad little wrd2t is nothing other than a handle to hang what little
you know of the natural world from. And that's not a great deal.

It predicts, describes and explains nothing.
Alan M Dunsmuir

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