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First letter of Oz to the NG

Bloxy's Bloxy's at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 7 01:25:32 EST 1999

In article <37ad90fa.2080371 at news.demon.co.uk>, malcolm at pigsty.demon.co.uk (Malcolm McMahon) wrote:
>On Sat, 31 Jul 1999 02:08:17 GMT, Bloxy's at hotmail.com (Bloxy's) wrote:

>>This is not "instability". This is freedom.
>>Undescriptability, may be, but instability?
>>Well, the "instability" is a driving force.
>>This is where intelligence kicks in,
>>as it forever seeks to go out of the limits of known.

>When you think about the evolutionary history of inteligence

First of all, the whole idea of evolution is a belief.
The history of belief does not make that belief anything
BUT belief.

Secondly, we are not even close to defining the very term
Tried many times, all sux.

> the
>homostasis point of view seems more consistent.

Intelligence is not consistent.
Just the opposite is the case.
The more consistent it is, the less intelligence.

> Our inteligence seems to
>have evolved at the end of the last ice-age when the climate was
>extremely variable.

It is UTTERLY unclear what "evolved" from what.
And it is UTTERLY unclear what was in the "beginning",
were there any influences beyond purely mechanical level
of "evolution" in the "beginning", "middle", or the end.

It is UTTERLY unclear how intelligence emerged from
this dumb matter.
It is not even clear if such a thing is possible on the
first place.

The very idea of evolution, stimulated or triggered
by the "survival" "nececities", is UTTER and COMPLETE

Survival for what?
Is there ANY purpose behind the "survival" of perfectly
functional machine?

What is this whole excersize in futility of "survival"
of the machine?

> Evolution doesn't hand out inteligence with much

It is amazing to see, how the followers and supporters
of this idea of "evolution" completely fail to realize
that in order for evolution to "hand out" the intelligence,
that evolution MUST be an entity

For what possible purpose the utterly dead, non entity,
such as evolution, "hands out" ANYTHING to anyone?

How does it even know?

Where is the center of this entity, called evolution?
For what possible purpose or goal the whole excersize
is going on?

Excersize in futility?

Do you see the UTTER and COMPLETE idiocity of this idea
of "evo-sucking-lution"?

Evolution, is supposed to be as dead, as it gets.
First of all, there is NOONE there.

Then, for some idiotic reason, it continues.
But for what?
- Nobody knows.

Well, they have this great idea of "survival of the fittest",
EXACTLY as peddled by the fat cat,
the ultimate parasite.

Survival of the fittest in the rat race of survival,
TOTALLY driven by the fear of above.

Do you see ANYTHING?

Survival of who?


Parasitic consumption of one thing by another?
Ad infinitum?

Man, this is perfect model of hell.

Any active neurons on line?


planet earth,

planet earth,

anybody home?

> Inteligence requires learning and learning is a dangerous

Yes, it is.
People "learned" tons of shit.
And now they stand 2 generations away
from utter and complete anihilation of themselves.

Who would be willing to calculate the chance of survival
of the man kind beyond the next 2 generations
and provide the basis for their reasoning?

> It takes time.

Not true.
This is a lie.
Intelligence turns on like a light with the flip
of the switch on the wall.

Because intelligence is something, we are not even
looking at.

We are looking at the depths of the elefant's ass,
trying to see the light "at the end of the tunnel".

> In our case brainsize has become a nightmare
>problem as far as procreation is concerned.

>It makes sense that inteligence evolved essentially as a coping

The hell will freeze over before you can prove that
to yourself, at the very least,
and that is THE ONLY thing
that counts "at the end".

Coping for what?

And then what?

> It gives us the capacity to change our behaviour to fit
>conditions that change much faster than the evolution of instinct could
>possibly keep up with.

Nope. That is just the most mechanical level.
You can make a machine to do that,
but that is not intelligence,
no matter how much you try to prove to yourself.

Yes, it IS a part of intelligence,
but it is NOT intelligence,
as such.

>>Freedom, by DEFINITION, is outside of ALL dictates.
>>Dictates are for the crowds to organize in groups
>>and follow the party line of fasion
>>to be ultimately exploited by the fat cat.

>Freedom the (relative) absence of externally imposed restraints.

Not true.
Freedom, as the ability of your consciousness find plenty
of ways to experience, no matter what "constrains" are.
If you have no money,
you can still experience the same flight,
as Bethoven did.
You don't need a grand piano for it.

All you need is appreciation of this magic lab of life
in physical domain.
You are not just some idiotic money making machine.

In your awareness,
you can stand in front of the gun,
and still remain aware.

Fear can not disconnect your essense from your life
experience, no matter what that experience is.

It is not possible.
Yes, many tremble.
Many run.
But even in your running,
you CAN be there.

There is no fear in that state.
There is only recognition of this utter magic of life.
The death is running after you.
And you are running away from it.
And yet you laugh.

The mice is running away from the cat.
Utter agony.
And yet it KNOWS!

And the cat KNOWS!

Only humans forgot something,
that is unmistakenly available within themselves.
It can NEVER be taken away
by ANY action.

It is not possible,
as there are no closed system.

The idea of "I", inevitably leading to the limitation of scope,
to exclusively physical domain experience,
is not separate.

It is like a cell in the body.
Yes, there are many cells.
Looks like they are all separate.
But look at it closer.

So is your entity.

It is not technically possible.
That is the ultimate intelligence in its utter glory.

You are not in the rat race of survival,
as the only possible alternative.

By ANY means.

> This is
>not really the issue here, I think.

Ok, once you learn to go BEYOND thinking
into direct synchronization with ALL THERE IS,
then we talk more.

Thinking is not going to get you far.
They tried for milleniums now.
What is the result?
The same confusion as on the day one?

> The issue is about motivation. What
>makes you decide what you _want_ to do.

That is a good kwestion.
Anotherwords, what are you here for?

You see, you need to find a purpose,
as the purpose is that, which makes you do things.
You are forever craving for something.
It is NEVER clear, but to the fat cat, the parasite.
That one knows FOR SURE.
And a couple of his friends,
the priest and the politician.
But that is a different story.

The question reduces to:
"Who am i"?

If you know who are you,
may be you can figure out what is that you are after.
And it is all there.
It is in your heart.

Same thing, same thing.

And it is NOT in your brain.

By ANY means,

by ANY means.

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