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Ken Collins KPaulC at email.msn.com
Fri Aug 6 20:30:44 EST 1999

TO ALL: although it will stand the "test of 'time'", my prior reply was
deliberately 'cryptic', because this's a Neuroscience 'place', and the post
to which i replied is out of 'place'.

i expect that no one will understand... it's from Tapered Harmony, which
i've documented a bit, here, but have not discussed because doing so
would've been out of 'place', so there's no reason to understand.

i understand, "two", that the cost of my response is high.

"damned if i did... damned if i didn't."

the other poster, it seems, to me, gets his kicks in that 'vain'.

Forgive me, please, for what must seem to be 'my leaving folks hanging',
while i deal with such on my own terms. it helps in going further, but it's
not necessary to understand Tapered Harmony to understand the fundamentals
of NDT.

K. P. Collins

Ken Collins wrote in message ...
>Alan M Dunsmuir wrote in message ...
>>In article <uiwvur53#GA.176 at cpmsnbbsa05>, Ken Collins
>><KPaulC at email.msn.com> writes
>>>yeah, i do... sorry to see you've as little respect for Truth as you did
>>Well - which is it then? What happens when the coin is placed on the top
>>of the bob?
>period shortens.
> On the bottom of the bob?
>period lengthens.
>>How does your wdb2t explain this?
>ephemerance of the 'clock' portion of the system' is decreased, ephemerance
>of the 'clock' portion of the system is increased... the system, 'clock' +
>Universe, behaves accordingly.
>>And do your Grand-dad's chairs still wear themselves out from just
>>standing there, unused?
>if i had any such chairs, they would... along with everything else in the
>Universe... be-cause of the one-way flow of energy from order to disorder
>that is wdb2t, and which underpins that which has been referred to as
>'gravity'... and everything else within physical reality.
>and, if i sat on them, they'd wear out faster... 'atomic work' and
>'molecular work' occur in accord with wdb2t.
>now, what about the FLT Proof?
>K. P. Collins

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