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Einstein Marriage/Solar Eclipse for Men and Women

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Fri Aug 6 12:52:46 EST 1999

Re: The Relativity Reunion - A Millenial Essay for Men and Women
    For the Upcoming August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse:
    World Cultural and Scientific Lessons Learned from a Famous Family -
    A Family Systems Perspective Assisted by Computer Time Travel


Dear Thoughtful Internet Reader:

Were Albert Einstein and his Yugoslavian-born wife Mileva a couple whose
relationship determined the Twentieth Century?  As we watch the upcoming
solar eclipse, will remembrance of "their relativity", and their daughter
and sons, have a cultural and scientific impact on the Twenty-First Century
and new Millenium?

We recently completed an essay to celebrate this century's last
anniversary of the submission of the famous 1905 paper on special
relativity (June 30, 1999) and the upcoming solar eclipse
(August 11, 1999). The essay centers on the Einstein-Maric family
and explores topics such as the marriage and complex proto-collaboration
of Albert Einstein and Mileva Maric on the theory they called "our
relativity", the mystery surrounding their daughter Lieserl and its
impact on history, as well as contemporary issues such as the solar eclipse
over areas that include both Einstein and Maric's birthplaces, the hopeful
experiment in peace occuring in the recently war-torn former Yugoslavia,
the societal integration of the talents of men and women both on earth and
in space exploration, and the ethical stewardship of science and technology,
from space stations to computer stations, from cyberspace to home and work.
Including the recent Apollo 11 mission anniversary and female Commander on
the space shuttle mission, the remembrance of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
ethical controversy about plutonium on the Cassini fly-by, as well as
important incidents and talk about the century's most powerful families,
many important events of the human family's travel in spacetime are occuring
at this very moment that are centrally related to the themes of the essay.
We especially hope you will have an opportunity to read it prior to the
August 11th solar eclipse.

Here is a preview of some of the content and illustrative method of the
essay, which begins with a quotation from Albert Einstein:

     "...we have attempted to describe how the concepts space, time
     and event can be put psychologically into relation with
     experience...to serve the purpose of bringing experiences into
     relation with each other, so that in this way, they can be better
                                  - Albert Einstein, from Relativity

A.   A Cultural Retrospective and Spiritual Family Reunion
     of the Einstein-Maric Family, as we Approach the Millenium
B.   Software That Depicts Nature and Nurture in Ongoing Relatedness
C.   Is Lieserl with us as we watch the eclipse?  A Global Family Reunion.
D.   How much of Relativity was the 'Woman's Work'/'Woman's Love'
     of an intimate partnership?
E.   Genes, Gender and Genius: Are there links and where do we look for
     them?  Are there many kinds of Genius?  How do we nurture them in
     all boys and girls? How does genius collaborate?"
F.   What does the software reveal to us about Gender Balance?
     Enhancing non-nationalistic cooperation, scientific discovery, and
     ethical applications of science.
G.   What did the Einstein-Maric sons want us to learn about the
     lives of their father, mother and sister?
H.   Just Theories...Scientific and Cultural
I.   What Do We Mean By Government? Is Government a Marriage?

Illustration 1, Snapshot of Einstein-Maric interactive family genogram
Illustration 2, Emotional triangle of Albert's conflict with his
                mother Pauline, and the emotional cut-off between
                Pauline and Mileva.
Illustration 3, Mileva's life events
            3a. 1901 - A moment in time for Mileva, traveled by computer
            3b. Mileva's life event chronology
Illustration 4, Snapshot of Lieserl's interactive ecomap vis a vis our
                culture for 1919 eclipse and for 1999 eclipse
Illustration 5, Einstein's childhood/youth ecomap
Illustration 6, Einstein's life events
            6a. 1905 - A moment in time for Albert, traveled by computer
            6b. Albert's life event chronology
Illustration 7, Mileva's childhood/youth ecomap

We feel sure you will find the essay moving and thought-provoking, and
we invite your input for any corrections, additions or suggestions.  We
hope you will share your thoughts about it with us and others, too, in
the spirit of community and progress, as we consider the final years of
one century and millenium and the dawn of the next.

Please feel free to copy this announcement to colleagues and to Internet
forums who you think might be interested.

In collaboration,

WonderWare, Inc.
wonderware at idealink.washington.dc.us

Relativity Reunion Essay:

Announcements sent to:
The Einstein Papers Project, Boston University
including Drs. John Stachel, Robert Schulmann,
Jurgen Renn, Families and Colleagues
Dr. Sandra Witelson, Family and Colleagues
Albert Einstein Archives, Hebrew University and Families
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Jane Hawking, and their Family
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Highfield and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carter and Families
American Association for the Advancement of Science
The International Space Station and the Families of the ISS
Men and Women of NASA and their Families
Fred Esternak, NASA eclipse information
Dr. Edgar D. Mitchell/Apollo astronaut/Institute of Noetic Sciences
The European Space Agency and ESA Families
Women in Science Enquiry Network
Association for Women in Science
Minorities in Science of the American Physical Society
Dr. Ronald Tobey and Students in History of Science
Graduate Women in Science
Dr. Evelyn Fox Keller, MIT
Dr. Priscilla Auchinschloss, University of Rochester
The American Physical Society
American Institute of Physics
Society for the Study of Social Issues (APA)
Society for the Study of Peace (APA)
International Association for Analytical Psychology
Dr. Caroline Herzenberg and Family
Dr. Senta Troemel Ploetz
Dr. Lewis Pyenson
Dr. Evan Harris Walker
Dr. Fritjof Capra/Center for Ecoliteracy
Dr. Margarete Maurer, Rosa Luxemburg Institute
Lisa's Family and the Families of the Information Technology Community
The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
The American Family Therapy Academy
European Profeminists-L
Student Pugwash
The Albert Einstein Fund c/o Educational Foundation for Nuclear Science
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Union of Concerned Scientists
Women's Action for New Directions
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Dr. Ibrahim Rugova and Family
Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, National Council of Churches
Rev. Jesse Jackson, RainbowPush Coalition
Women (in Black) Against War of the Balkans and Their Families
Human Rights Watch: Kosovo Focus on Human Rights
Amnesty International
National and International Governments, especially along the Eclipse Path
many others...

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