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Alan M Dunsmuir alan at moonrake.demon.co.uk
Thu Aug 5 13:33:25 EST 1999

In article <ekTTbt42#GA.127 at cpmsnbbsa05>, Ken Collins
<KPaulC at email.msn.com> writes
>as i've repeatedly explained in the past, in the way that wdb2t uniquely
>'maps' Truth within physical reality, i see something akin to 'the hand of'
>God... but there's nothing in wdb2t that isn't 'just' Physics.
>i wish folks who seek to 'politicize', one way or the other, this simple
>Science, would first Learn the Science.
Hi, Ken. Remember me, from before you got kicked off of CompuServe for
trying to get a SysOp sacked from his day-job?

Have you learned enough science yet to know whether a pendulum speeds up
or slows down if you place a small coin on top of its weight bob?
Alan M Dunsmuir

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