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Exercise boosts brainpower

Ken Collins KPaulC at email.msn.com
Wed Aug 4 22:20:26 EST 1999

semi-cryptic lead-in: although i'm just back into other things, i've got to
post something that conveys something else, and your msg is the one that i
choose to do so :-)

just as it's a certainty that MRI of the musculature shows the effects of
exercise, the future will show the same sort of thing with respect to the
effects of hard-thinking ['exercise'] with respect to 'microscopic trophic

such has been right-there for anyone who's wanted to see it since the
Beginning... in the form of "Wisdom's" augmentation... which is an increase
in neural information-processing's efficiency, flat-out visible in the
quantity of anything 'thunk' per unit 'time', as is measurable in the 'time'
courses of problem-solving pre-practice relative to post-practice.

but in the future, MRI-like scanners will be developed that see such
directly. the 'key' to these scanners will be that they'll incorporate
'remembering'... that is, they'll not only view the 'current moment', but
they'll see the 'current moment' in light of the preceding collection of

this can already be done, if arduously, by making slurries of the neural
stuff of test animals, at various stages of sufficiently-rigorously-governed
'learning' paradigms, with simultaneous 'EEG'-like monitoring of net neural

take the 'slurry' and analyze it with respect to that which has increased
[as in the 'racing-of-the-stripes' stuff of genetic 'fingerprinting'... the
increase in this stuff, when 'weighed' against the seeming 'unchangingness'
of the 'EEG'-like trace discloses that which is correlated to 'learning' and
the augmentation of neural information-processing efficiency that underpins
agumented problem-solving efficiency, with practice.

the 'slurry'-stuff will, in this way, yield key insights [what molecular
stuff, etc.], which will, subsequently, underpin the development of new
types of MRI-like scanners... only these future scanners will do the
'remembering' thing.

and you know what?

what they see will be TD E/I(min).

cheers, John, ken collins

[now, i'm satisfied with the 'outward' content of this msg, but hope
folks'll look 'inward'... all along, it's been the case that i've been
working to convey the essence for which there exist no words... if, at
'times', it's seemed 'too-much', folks just weren't "looking-'inward'"
sufficiently... all my 'jumping-up-and-down, flapping-my-arms, doing
'word-grimaces', etc., have been to communicate the essence with respect to
which 'words'... 'language'... was insufficient. "get the 'picture'"? KPC]

John wrote in message <933816789.403795 at server.australia.net.au>...
>No hits! What's wrong with you people, going soft? I could concoct and
>construct but with the clever critters around here I'll just take my
>medicine thanks.
>You got me Steve. I've been setup without being setup oh dear who's c ...
>conf ... now? See Ken, you're not alone after all.
>Last night I logged off sat down to watch the idiot box when a self
>revelation occurred: "you idiot". Now that eisner has irreparably damaged
>considerable pride I'll just have to find a rock to hide under.
>I remember eisner good to see you back. I look forward to carefully reading
>you numerous future posts one mistake and I'll do you good mate.
>I must remember,
>"Our way of going about thinking is not something on which we can
>congratulate ourselves."
>        Saul Bellow, It All Adds Up.
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>John wrote in message <933759642.987820 at server.australia.net.au>...
>>eisner19 at idt.net wrote in message ...
>>>I would presume that you are familiar with MRI studies on the effects of
>>Your presumption is incorrect Steve so I would appreciate hearing you
>>on the MRI studies.
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