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Rapid onset of action of Amineptine on depression

Ken Collins KPaulC at email.msn.com
Tue Aug 3 20:18:26 EST 1999

case in point: i wonder how much of the current inability to address
Societal probles is due to folks' being so drugged-up that they just cannot
find it in their 'hearts' to care.

related, but different case: i viewed a segment on ABC evening News last
night that discussed 'self-sterilizing' plants... genetically-engineered
plants produce seeds that cannot germinate... so that farmers have to
purchase new seed from suppliers each growing season.

one farmer raised the point of the possibility of cross-pollination which
would result in an ever-diminishing possibility of growing food crops.

it's sadly-hillarious... 'scientists', rightly, invoke Evolution, but choose
to be completely-blind to all the work that's occurred during the course of
Evolution toward the end of getting-everything-right.

and, in the name of 'profits', some assume that they 'can do better' in a
lab, in the equivalent of an Evolutionary nano-second.

related, but even-more-different case: MDs do the same thing when they,
rightly, advance the 'state' of their Life-Saving knowledge... then go and
turn a blind eye to euthanasia.

none of this stuff computes... and, when one looks, one sees, clearly, that
the 'monkey wrench in the works' is =always= the putting or 'profits' before
what is the hard-won Truth of this or that endeavor in Science.

...kind of makes a real-laugher out of all pretense with respect to
Experiment as 'the basis for right-thinking', doesn't it?


it cannot be that this or that is 'good' when it brings 'profits' and 'bad'
when it doesn't. if that's allowed, then all that's left is 'alchemy', and
Humanity is reduced to charlotanism.

Leaders must stand-firm with respect to Truth, and against all onslaughts of
greed and avarice... or Truth 'just' Abandons us all to the always-there
consequences of Truth's having been 'abandoned'.

K. P. Collins

Ken Collins wrote in message <#M$tN#Y3#GA.185 at cpmsnbbsa05>...
>i stand on what i've posted.
>the understanding that i addressed in my previous post has been actively
>withheld from folks who suffer by folks who seek to 'profit' through the
>sort of 'alchemy' that's in the stuff of your msg... they've no idea why
>works', nor any idea whether it does 'work'... they 'just' do it be-cause
>the 'profits' inherent.
>too often, such amounts to Murder in the name of 'profits'.
>if the understanding that i addressed in my previous post had not been
>actively withheld folks, by now, folks'd have no 'need' for consigning
>nervous systems to chemical 're-engineering'.
>they'd understand that, when 'life' is hard, the thing to do is lift-up one
>another, and they'd =do= so... and such would spread the essence of what's
>Good in us flowing throughout Societies, like a benevolent tidal wave.
>K. P. Collins


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