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neuroscientific basis

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Mon Aug 2 22:59:41 EST 1999

Am I missing something here??

"Neuroscientific basis of the current philosophical dogma"??  Which
dogma was that?  Could you spell it out for us?

"Bottom line"?? Is this a non sequitur, or a paragraph bleeped out by
your word processor, or what?  Sounds more like a (very naive)
"pragmatic" question than a philosophical one.  (yes, yes, of course
America's own--long fogotten--"philosopher", John Dewey, was a
"Pragmatist", but...).

"Improved neurotransmitter production post blood brain barrier"???
Probably doesn't mean "post" in the sense of "post-industrial",
"post-modern", "post-war", etc., so perhaps he means "PAST" the BBB, in
the sense of coming from the periphery and getting PAST (i.e. THROUGH)
the BBB.

Well, of course--where else WOULD these neurotransmitters be produced
Well, OK, OK--yes, could be produced by neurons in the peripheral
nervous system; but I don't think thatt's what he's getting at;  I
think he means boosting production in the brain or for the brain or
something like that.

Suerly he means boosting production IN the  brain (i.e. "inside" or
"past" the BBB).  But if he is thinking of boosting production OUTSIDE
the brain, and ge tting it to tthe brain, the BBB would present a
problem (i.e., a BARRIER!).

One does, of course, boost production by exogenous PRECURSORS of some
neurotransmitters, which CAN pass tthe BBB (hence, Parkinsonian
patietns take l-dopa, not dopamine).

Is THIS what he's talking about?

Well, yes, some people are interested in this.

The last question: philosophical? pracrical? rhetorical?
Indeed, why DON'T people do what they should do?

Maybe improving our physical and mental selves is a pie in the sky, but
a tax cut is NOW??

F. LeFever

In <7o36a0$bgb$1 at autumn.news.rcn.net> "ikinari" <adaly at getsmartz.com>
>I am not going to debate a host of questions perhaps best left for
Plato or
>Aristotle.  But, how about engaging in a purely 20th century
discussion on
>the neuroscientific basis of the current philosophical dogma?  Bottom
>is anyone on this chat group interested in imporved neurotransmitter
>production post blood-brain barrier (i.e. dopamine and acetylcholine)?
>aren't more resources in our society tasked for improving not only our
>physical selves, but our mental existence?
>From my end of the wormhole to yours,

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