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China and the ZOR

Ken Collins KPaulC at email.msn.com
Mon Aug 2 22:14:11 EST 1999

My Sorrow-filled read is that, unless the Leadership of China quickly
re-evaluates it's tactics, and changes them, China is not going to make it
through the 'zone of randomness' (AoK, Ap4).

There's great TD E/I(up) because of the Societal transformation that Mr.
Deng started.

The current 'clamp downs' do nothing other than augment TD E/I(up), and, if
continued, will continue to do so until, the Chinese Society 'goes

The thing to do is =guide= folks through the 'zone of randomness' (AoK,
Ap4)... =ease= the passage... =not= 'throw a monkey wrench' into it, which
is what heightened 'control' does.

the decision to transform the Chinese Society was made long ago. ever since,
the transition through the 'zone of randomness' has been inherent in the
stuff of the long-ago decision.

anything that endeavors to make the transition through the 'zone of
randomness' anything other than it, abstractly, is, =needlessly= elevates TD
E/I... and TD E/I is already very-high because of Mr. Deng's courageous
decision to transform the Chinese Society has found its 'heart' within
Chinese Society.

the thing to do is to 'just' guide the transition's natural course... to
=ease= it in every way possible.

=after= transition through the 'zone of randomness', rational decisions can
gradually gain momentum, =on the other side of= the 'zone of randomness'.

there's no 'manipulating' things within the 'zone of randomness'.

once a decision that carries folks on a course 'through' the 'zone of
randomness' is implimented, the thing to do is to =just= get through the
'zone of randomness' as naturally as is possible.

it's like the difference between 'forcing' one of those little 'twisted
nails' puzzles, and just aligning the puzzle's nails properly and sliding
them in the correct motion.

the Chinese Leadership has chosen the former, and it's having done so is
going to, at least, stall transition through the 'zone of randomness', which
is =the= most-dangerous thing to do.

To these Societal Leaders: Please, just =facilitate= the transition that's
already long-underway.

Engineer things, =in small steps=, only =after= your Society has passed
through the 'danger zone'.


K. P. Collins (ken)

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