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Restraint, discipline.

Ken Collins KPaulC at email.msn.com
Mon Aug 2 19:03:42 EST 1999

Frank, as i've explained over and over again, it's 'old-long-since' that
folks do anything but discuss the stuff of NDT forthrightly.

to me, this constitutes a great Sorrow.

beyond that, it doesn't seem that it's gotten through to anyone that
Falsehood, either 'complimentary' or 'derogatory' re the stuff of NDT, is
the Same-Stuff... Falsehood, and i 'move away from' such.

further beyond that, since the subject that i bring to online discussions is
not 'ken collins', i routinely dismiss such 'discussions', even in their
most-contrived and most-hidden forms.

i never have, and never will, disclose myself to folks who will not interact
with me as human being's interact... what i do is just reflect back the
content of 'exploratory' posts, such as the one to which i'm responding
here, while working to return the focus to the Science.

the assumption often implicit in your posts, that you, somehow, 'know' me,
is Ludicrous. if you reflect a bit, you'll quickly realize that all you
'know' about 'me' is that i routinely block communication with respect to
'me', and let folks 'dance' to any 'tune' to which they wish to 'dance'.

your self-appointed role as 'inquisitor' is Unworthy of anything other than
'mirroring' back to you.

but it does hurt, big-time, to witness what should've been =solely= a
discussion in Science having degernerated as the 'discussion' of NDT has

get it straight... this is a =Science= place, not some TV 'talk-show'. i've
no right to discuss anything other than Science, and it's ramifications
within Human Affairs.

when 'discussion' goes otherwise, i just go into 'documentation' mode,
Trusting that folks who think for themselves will, if they care to, find
their ways to Truth.

if you knew how many 'times' i wanted to plead with you, "Please, you don't
want to do that!", you'd understand a bit of what's in my 'heart'.

but if i did so, i'd be attempting to 'manipulate' you... so i just become
'mirror'-stuff, in order to document the events pertaining to the Science's
coming forward.

you don't 'know' me.

i've deliberately withheld all means of folks' 'knowing' me from my online
discussions... and to be certain that no one is 'influenced' by what they
think 'i am', i've routinely made sure that, if anything, my posts 'reflect'
negatively with respect to 'myself'.

why? because i saw, early-on, that there was a need for such... as when a
freshman undergrad, having attended a lecture i gave, wanted to give up his
own purpose in life to become some sort of 'groupie' with respect to NDT...
he was calling, writing, etc. but it was clear to me that he hadn't gained
the first bit of understanding re. NDT... so i 'just', 'burst his bubble'
before sending him back to his studies.

i always do this when the topic ceases to be NDT. i've no right to do
anything else.

but you don't 'get it', even though all i've ever done whit respect to your
'obsessive fawning' over NDT's moment, was to treat you exactly like i
treated that freshman undergrad... for your own good.

God knows me. neither you, nor anyone else on the face of the planet, knows

you think i care about 'how people will view me' when, submitted to this or
that public Inquisition, but, while it often hurts, big-time, i do not care
what anyone who 'sees' other than the Science thinks... and i actively
=work= to make sure that no one can 'admire' 'me'.

it's in the nature of the Truth 'i've' opened to folks that it must be so...
and i've not failed the responsibility inherent.

the only way in which your Jackass posts are detrimental is that it's a
certainty that they have prevented some folks from gaining an understanding
of the Science.

i cannot express my Sorrow with respect to such.

such is exactly opposite the purpose of Science.

i do not expect you to alter your 'approach'... i just endure it, because
it's there, within this, the only venue that exists for the work i've done
in Science.

if i'm never granted an in-person presentation opportunity, folks'll just
have to 'separate the wheat from the chaff' on their own.

and even after such, it'll still be the case that no one 'knows' me.

if i ever marry, my Wife will Know me, because she'll be the only person on
the face of the planet with a need to Know me.

the rest is 'just' in the 'hand i've been dealt', all disgusting-ness.

K. P. Collins

F. Frank LeFever wrote in message <7o3a4f$b2i at dfw-ixnews4.ix.netcom.com>...
>Yes, I think it is time to give up on u-no-who.  I have been curious to
>see how tight his system was, to see if there were ANY possibilities
>for an honest and constructive response to correction, but given that
>his need to compensate for his real-life impotence and defend his image
>as Misunderstood Omniscient Mankind-Serving Martyr (way above Einstein,
>only slightly below Jesus) is just too strong.  (And don't forget his
>importantt role in controlling the Stock Market, just by passing
>gas--Greenspan, eat your heart out!)
>Also, kind of fun to bait him and see what he comes up with next...
>I'll try not to sucumb tto tthese temptations in the future.
>I don't say I'll NEVER comment on any of his posts: if some innocent
>asks a quetion  based on real need (e.g. loved one with some
>neurological disorder), I will not hesitatte to correct his predictable
>authoratative-sounding misleading nonsense.
>F. LeFever

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