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Unexplained memory disorder (P.S.)

Loonyl liams at cwcom.net
Mon Aug 2 18:17:04 EST 1999

Hi again,
(BTW this isn't directed solely at Frank)

If you look at the link
(sorry for the change of URL, I've changed ISP's)
it details what University and the types of test already been done,
etc, but no matter.

I have seen a neurologist, and a neuropsychiatrist
but have been seen at most twice, and no further visits are planned.
They do not know what's causing the memory disorder, and so nothing is

As my psychiatrist said, "sometimes people don't fit into any
category", and that I don't have a "mental illness",
the psychology researchers said "We are all scratching our heads,
no-one knows what's causing the problem".(after having feedback from
neurologists, psychoneurologists etc)
ANother said that "I'm been fobbed off, and basically being passed
around as a token gesture"
I am asking on this group, as things are not moving forward for me,
and I hoped that someone may have come across this before, or could
point me in the right direct etc. 
Its a long shot, but its better than not doing anything, I think many
would do the same in my situation, and I  do not post here regularly, 

This is my 2nd request. I have been struggling for the last 3 years,
to get my condition recognised, and have had to fight all along the
way to see any of the experts that I have, so I don't think this I can
be easily slotted into a new label of "internet Munchausen", but
stranger things happenend.
Maybe it's because I'm in the UK, so the NHS can't afford to do
further tests, or is it because there are no effective treatments for
my condition, or that the research into human memory impairments
haven't advanced much?

On 2 Aug 1999 05:08:37 GMT, flefever at ix.netcom.com(F. Frank LeFever)
>University Psych Dept.??  What university?  ("local" doesn't mean much
>to us; we don't know where you live)  Was this at the university's
>neuropsych CLINIC??  Or are we talking about academic memory
>researchers. NOT a good place to look for diagnosis of a (perhaps)
>neurological condition.
>F. LeFever
>In <37a4aa84.566392 at news.freeserve.co.uk> liams at cwcom.net (Loonyl)
>>Hi again,
>>i forgot to mention that the site is not the same as before.
>>It contains details of the tests that have been done at my
>>local universities psychology deparment.
>>I hoped it would mean more to you guys, than it does to me.
>>On Sun, 01 Aug 1999 19:39:34 GMT, liams at cwcom.net (Loonyl) wrote:
>>>Hi frank,
>>>this is the same person as before.
>>>I did go to the links you mentioned,
>>>and was seen by Addenbrookes in London.
>>>(waited 6 months for the reply, it was "we don't know", end of story)
>>>I have seen a neurologist, neuro-psychiatrist, neuropsychologist
>>>psychologist etc but no-one has the answer.
>>>I hope I'm not wasting anyones time here, it is a genuine request for
>>>help, and i do try any options put forward.

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