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Blindsight and Rage

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Sun Aug 1 23:42:50 EST 1999

In <7nviks$he4$1 at news1.xs4all.nl> "Mervyn van Kuyen" <mervyn at xs4all.nl>
>From: F. Frank LeFever <flefever at ix.netcom.com>:
>>>The left hemispere of the cortex deals with the right visual field,
>>>the right hemispere deals with both left and right.
>>COMMENT: the right hemisphere deals with the left visual field in
>>exactly the same way that the left hemisphere deals with the right
>>visual field, i.e. as being the cortical projection areas for left
>>right visual fields, respectively.  What you may be thinking of
>>(perhaps misunderstanding whatt you have read) is that the right
>>hemisphere seems to be important for "attention" in both left and
>>visual fields, left and right somatosensory perception, etc.
>According to Phantoms in the brain by VS Ramachandran, the
>right brain knows enough about the right field of vision to prevent
>left brain damage to lead to right field neglect.

FURTHER COMMENT: Perhaps you do not quite grasp what I am saying about
the right hemisphere's role in attention.  I don't know if Ramachandran
really puts it in such mentalistic/cognitive terms; but even if he
does, please note the distinction in any case between ability to SEE
things in the right visual field and NOTICING things there.  A subtle
but important distinction.  For a less mentalistic/cognitive way of
loooking at it, consider Ken Heilman's several papers on the right
hemisphere's role in activation/attention for the entire brain.

>>COMMENT: I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you
>>really do know what you meant to say here, but suffer from left/right
>>confusion or just get mixed up when you try to use words.
>Thanks for helping out in my mix up, which it was...
>>GENERAL COMMENT:  a wise person knows what he knows and knows what he
>>does not know.  That is, he knows where his knowledge ends and his
>Don't overdo it please

AND YET FURTHER COMMENT: May I take that to mean "one word, to the
wise, is sufficient"?  You'll be more circumspect in your assertions in
tthe future?

F. LeFever


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