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Unexplained memory disorder

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Sun Aug 1 12:36:17 EST 1999

C. Thomas Wild cites one example of what I alluded to in my first reply to Liam; it might not be "memory" per se.  Failure to make the initial "registration" MIGHT be one basis for what is perceived to be a "memory" problem, and ADD or some other condition might underly this in some cases, and a catecholamine boost might in some cases be helpful (in ADD, methylphenidate or amphetamine is more commonly used than caffeine; as I understand it, caffeine's actions via adenosine indirectly augments or parallels dopamine activity).

One of my speakers at the NYNG conference I organized this spring, Muriel Lezak (well-known to neuropsychologists as author of "Neuropsychological Assessment", Oxford, now in 3rd edition) spoke on "Memory Problems that are not Problems with Memory: How to Diagnose and Treat Them".

The key word in her title is "DIAGNOSE"; no point pursuing this treatment and that before an expert and complete neuropsychological exam allows evaluation of the full range of deficits (and of assets); not just presence or absence, but magnitude, and implicationss of a particular pattern of deficits.  (You may be aware of "memory" problems, but unaware of others which need to be taken into consideration before planning a course of treatment.)

On the other hand, unless you are already saturated with caffeine (some populations are, e.g. recovering alcoholics, chronic schizophrenics,and probably some yet-to-be-diagnosed adult ADD people), it is easy enough to see if a few really big cups of strong coffee have a favorable impact...If this seems to help, and if NO other problems emerge, OK!

F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
New York Neuropsychology Group

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>> Hi,
>> would you please have a look at
>> www.liams.cwc.net/umist.htm
>> I am 34 and have severe memory problem,
>> but have no-one is any nearer finding the cause or possible cure.
>> If you have any ideas, will you please send me an E-mail,
>> as I'm getting nowhere with this.
>> Thanks in adavance
>> Liam
>> liams at cwcom.net
>Saw one of your posts to Usenet.  A question:  Do you react in any way
>to coffee/caffeine at all? Positively?  Neutral?  Even negatively?  I
>am an adult with mild ADHD (Inattentive Type Predominantly) and
>discovered with the help of my doctor that an FDA approved medicine, a
>special caffeine compound, slightly improved my memory for as long as
>the medicine lasted (which was usually only for a few hours).  It came
>as a surprise that a medicine could even in a small way effect memory
>and with the help of my doctor I learned that caffeine changes
>neurotransmitter levels in the body (including dopamine which is
>associated with human motor movement and memory).
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