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Sat Feb 21 12:36:02 EST 1998

werewolf at paonline.com wrote:
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> On 19 Feb 1998 23:11:36 GMT, "GT" <bthomson at direct.ca> wrote:
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> >Hi.  My name is Bjorn Thomson and I am an Pysch undergraduate at the
> >University of Victoria.  There certainly seems to be a lot of people (=
> >PhD's) out there claiming that "parapsychology" is worthy of serious s=
> > Is it?  I'd hate to think the edifice of the scientific method was
> >threatened by E.S.P. research!
> >
> >If anybody has the time to point me to literature, to research, or to =
> >me a brief rundown on why this stuff is bunk, I would be most apprecia=
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> >Thanks,
> >Bjorn Thomson
> >
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> >bthomson at direct.ca
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>         I cannot quote the precise text, as I have not read the
> literature in a long time, but "parapsychology" may well be worth
> researching.  The book I refer to (I wish I could remember the title
> or author) pointed out that the brain's bio-electrical circuitry is
> not unlike electro-mechanical circuitry, and therefore may have the
> ability "transmit and receive signals from one person to another in
> the same manner as a wide-band radio, even if the parties involved are
> unaware that these transimissions are taking place..." (referring
> specifically to telepathy).
>         If, by some chance of nature, a small group of individuals
> have the required "circuitry" and the ability to conciously control
> the transmission of mental signals, then the "wiring" in the brain
> might be isolated and reproduced.  Having a group of persons with this
> ability may allow great strides forward in the feilds of
> law-enforcement or even in the medical community (empathic
> responces...) and in psychotherapy.
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> Mike
The "telepathy" element of  "paranormal"  is dealt with  on my website

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