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"Paranormal?" - Wrong terms. Look for "alpha waves, frequency changes, fields, ..."

cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Feb 20 04:38:55 EST 1998

werewolf at paonline.com wrote:

>On 19 Feb 1998 23:11:36 GMT, "GT" <bthomson at direct.ca> wrote:

>>Hi.  My name is Bjorn Thomson and I am an 
>Pysch undergraduate 
Ever thought about that term and what it means?

>at the University of Victoria.  There certainly seems to be a lot of people (incl.
>>PhD's) out there claiming that "parapsychology" is worthy of serious study.
>> Is it?  I'd hate to think the edifice of the scientific method was
>>threatened by E.S.P. research!
The edifice if scientific study was created because the science of
Europe was nearly destroyed by the Church forcing people to limit
their senses, and forcing belief,
and then being rebuilt by people insisting that nothing is to be taken
serious unless they have proven it exists,
and if it a truck standing on their foot.

The edifice is just very limited,
because the people voluntarily cripple their children's senses and
their own.
It's a bit like someone closing his eyes with one hands and using the
other to with a measuring device try to find out what there might be
in front of him.

And of course it costs a lot of money to do it that way.

The Western sciences try to monopolize the field
at high financial and humane (see psychiatry) prices.

I think a lot of the question is not so much the threats of edifices,
they could peacefully cooperate,
but that alone the thought to after centuries of killing  witches 
to apologize to them officially  and no longer hinder them in doing
their work and evenly acknowledging them insurance-wise
is something the violent, arrogant  monopolists do not want.
And that goes of course not just for the witches but for many hundreds
if not thousands of directions of Earth.

In the West they went into many of the other countries, shot the
opposition, and took over rulership and religion, trying to break all
To admit that that was not correct and to admit that having burned
most of the results of thousands of years of the own culture and
therefore lagging back thousands of years in many areas,
is not to the taste of those
calling themselves "the First World" and inisting that we have three.

>>If anybody has the time to point me to literature, 

Carlos Castaneda has been writing books (f.e. Tales of Power,  A
Seperate Reality, ...)

Don't take all literal in there, but watch what the Don Juan and
Genaro in there say and do, concerning sorcery.

There are mistakes in there, but all in all it fascinating, and behind
some my guess is that there were at least many centuries of research.

I heard there were people upset from many countries  that he simply
dumped data like that onto the market,
but luckily most US-Americans and also most other Westerners are too
stupid to understand what he is saying.

And I have the feeling that Castaneda is keeping silent about a lot,
f.e. about what the ingredients for the little smoke are (at least he
does not mention it in the books I have of him),
so that a lot you can only only understand if you are far enough into
it, that you know what he is talking about.

But basically it is an intro into how to become a sorcerer.

 I guess you are aware though, that in order to learn magic, you have
to practice it, and that magic communication tends to not be
consisting of words,
and that one of the first things is to learn how to  understand it.

>to research, 
Most of "research" in the West does not have the according senses
trained, to even get the art.
Imagine you'd paint one of the most beautiful pictures of all time of
Earth. Then you show it to a blind person who wants to judge your
skills. He runs his fingers over it and says: What piece of cr.., I
had far more intersting surfaces, and I felt stuff similar to that

>or to give me a brief rundown on why this stuff is bunk, 
- I am not English and they did not teach us the term "bunk".
But if my guess is right I rather keep my reply to myself.

>>bthomson at direct.ca  

>    ...If, by some chance of nature, 
- How about the normal training, like you teach children to talk and
tell them names for colours, etc.?
Though of course some know by nature.

>a small group of individuals
- Well, in Europe it might be a bit smaller after 500 years of genetic
fire selection...  ;-)

>have the required "circuitry" and the ability to conciously control
>the transmission of mental signals, then the "wiring" in the brain
>might be isolated and reproduced.  
- Nearly correct.
It is going highly active and then more axons form between the needed
centers, and eventually you learn to generate the energies you need
for many things.
You can let someone else do the "rewiring of your hardware", though.
And it is one of the fastest and most effective ways to learn magic.
But it takes time, because just doing it once is not doing the
necessary rewiring;
I guess for most it'd be at least several months, and for many people
years, to get the basic needed internal structures and generating

>Having a group of persons with this
>ability may allow great strides forward in the feilds of
- EnFORCEment. Of laws with which 51 people might tell 49 that their
bodies and minds are not their own but belong to the 51.

You are getting the point why no one with half a sane mind would ever
teach  anyone  trying to declare the body or mind of another one his,
and who is encaging people  and doing many other crimes against them,
  how to do this.
And of course many use sense-enhancing drugs, know very well why the
Christians are scared of the senses that give you such a nice halo
when you power up your fields to heal others or dock into them for
other purposes and why they killed so many of the religion before,
and why a lot in the West is done the way it is  
and what role the police plays in this.

The same as you don't give a child loving to shoot with toy guns at
others  a real one,
the same wise ones tend  not to give power to those who abuse it.

> or even in the medical community
- I might be mistaken, but I believe here the state tries to prevent
it. And you can try a long time to get money from the insurances for
Also this is one of the most difficult arts there might be in that

And though I know little about it, it might be one of THE most
dangerous ones.

Imagine the energy of an organ looks different 
and you mistake it for some other illness  and put the wrong energies
into it and mess it up even more  or someting like that....
Not really my area, but I am very sure, that it is one of the most
dangerous ones there are.

> (empathic responces...) and in psychotherapy.
I might be mistaken, but I think empathy is more for the LSD folks,
while telepathy is more of the magic folks.
Because if you dock into the old centers to frequency shift, there is
an alteration of emotions as well. It is not just that you "go
semi-offline of the normal frontal & cholinergic limbic sectors"  but
also of emotional areas.
When doing this long a magicians according emotions can alter more
permanently towards the other stage,
and with that normal empathy might be not working as well anymore.

And I might be mistaken, but I think for telepathy most don't dock
into the emotional areas directly, but often more into ones with
pictures or thoughts, and those are very different cells with
different energies / "programs".
I never got beyond prestage (sensing into the other head) , but even
for that I need hell of a power, and maybe if you are far enough to
register different energy fields of the other one's brain, you will
get why I have the suspicion that many just do a partial docking (just
into a few sectors of the other one's brain) for telepathy.

But you can see a lot of emotions by the energy fields around another
person. And that is a fairly easy way to know a bit about emotional
stages, too.


If you want to learn magic, find a magician willing to teach you.
The same as you might not get far learning reading without someone
showing you how to add words to letter, the same you might not get
that far with magic.

But it is one of the hardest studies there are if you want to beome a
real magician,
and will take many years, if not decades of hard training
for most people.

There is a reason why there are so few ;-)

And personally so far my opinion has been that I don't have the nerve
to practice that hard and long,
apart from that my first impressions were that it can be pretty
dangerous, is not healthy if you are in the West and that the changes
in the brain bring a lot of negative aspects as well.

But if you are seriously out for it and have that many years time, try
to find a real magician willing to teach you.

If you have not learned as a child already, it might be very poor what
you can achieve in comparison to those who had their senses properly
trained from childhood on, but usually Westerners seriously interested
to learn, manage to at least grasp some basics.

 (Real! No would-like-to-be) 
shamans, a few of the European witches, LSD-frequency-surfers,
magicians and folks of several Asian religions  and many aborigines
from Australia
are some of the folks who have the reputation to be working with the
senses the Christians tried to extinguish

I recommend to learn first how to "shine-see", "black-white  and gray
see" and to come to understand brain-to-brain sending/perceiving at
least a bit.
They are pretty important  and are fairly easy compared to a lot of
other stuff. Sort of basics.

If you simplify magic incredibly, a path is:
- learn to perceive own fields
- learn to alter them, extend them and dock into other fields
- learn how to alter stuff  and achieve better perception and higher
(- Dreaming / "leaving the body" )


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