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SCIENCE-WEEK: Headlines (20 Feb 98)

Claire Haller prismx at scienceweek.com
Thu Feb 19 16:28:56 EST 1998

SCIENCE-WEEK is a free weekly Email digest of the news of
science read each week by 50,000+ people in the scientific
community in more than 30 countries. News briefs from the major
journals are amplified with enough background material to make
them intelligible to nonspecialists: the biology is detailed for
physicists and chemists, and the physics and chemistry are
detailed for biologists. Each issue contains 15 to 20 news
reports, annotated listings of new books in the sciences, a
Positions Available section, and other notices of interest to
science professionals.

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Contents of the Latest Issue Feb 20, 1998:

1. An Essay on the Great Asymmetry
2. Determination of HDO/H(sub2)O Ratio in Hale-Bopp Comet
3. Determination of Water in the Stars Betelguese and Antares
4. Stellar Origin of Early Solar System Nuclides
5. On the Bose-Einstein Condensate
6. An Exchange of Letters Concerning Fractality in Nature
7. Electric Field-Induced Demixing in Lipid Bilayer Membranes
8. Discovery of 3-Dimensional Algae and Animal Embryo Fossils
9. Precambrian Sponges with Cellular Structures
10. A Model for the Evolution of the Genetic Code
11. Mitochondrial DNA Recombination in a Natural Population
12. Opening of Liposomal Membranes by Talin
13. Evidence that DNA is a Poor Electron Conductor
14. A Transmembrane Form of the Prion Protein
15. On the Resistance of Bacteria to Antibiotics
16. On the History and Applications of Functional Brain Imaging
17. Identification of HIV-1 Sequence in 1959 Human Viral Sample
18. On the Role of Chemokines in Cell Biology and Disease
19. On Protein Folding in Prion and Amyloid Diseases
20. On Grandmothering, Menopause, and Human Evolution  
Book Notes
Notices - Positions Available
Notices - Miscellaneous

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