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Endogenous Benzodiazepines ?

spyer2 at hotmail.com spyer2 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 20 02:31:51 EST 1998

Hello, People,

pardon my english.
I'm not a PHD, or M.D, but,
In the past 15 years, I have read
many articles about neuro-pharmacology,
and this is one of my favorite matters.
In many books, and magazines, I have read that
scientists have discovered an endogenous diazepam, which
would help the action of GABA, as a inhibitory neurotransmitter
In such articles, I NEVER could know the exact name of this
endogenous diazepam, nor it's formula, nor it's action,
nor how it is produced, nor how it is metabolized, NOR HIS
PRECURSORS, nor his Agonists, or
something like.Magazines, articles only "mention" superficially about it.
So, If anyone in this Forum really knows what kind of structure
this diazepam really has, and how it is produced, or if someone
knows where I can find this information on the web, I would be
(My personal problem is that I am a bromazepam consumer since 1985
6mg a day, everyday.I began to use it, to control my tremendows anxiety,
Panic Attacks (which were very awful),and which began suddently in 1985, and
all I have to say is that it is a
marvellous drug.When everything had failed, Bromazepam brought me
to reality again.I was really suffering from depression , anxiety, panic
attacks, and couldn't almost EAT anything, or drink water.I lost weight and
was about to Die, or kill myself.Few days (5 days) after beginning
therapy with LEXOTAN my life returned to normality, I am very productive,
my I.Q is good, and I have no problems of sedation, nor anything else related
to the drug.It's like my body simply "had Stopped" to produce his
endogenous diazepam, and I had to compensate it.When I try to get rid of
it, the inicial problems come back, making me lying in a bed in a more
terrible situation.So, I really don't think about stopping this medication,
unless I can have a normal life, as I have now.
I know my body may have developed physical and psychologic dependence.
But, there's another question: is there a natural substitute to
benzodiazepines, which could have the same effect on the body ?
That's why I asked about the endogenous one...
Could anyone help me?
All the best,

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