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Free Medical Imaging Software

medimage at hotmail.com medimage at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 17 12:34:22 EST 1998

Hello Professors:

If you are a student, please ignore this.

If you are a professor or celebrity or distinguished
researcher, I want to provide you my medical imaging
software products for free. In return, would you
please just write a recommendation letter based on my
software. I can write a draft of the recommendation
letter, you can just sign it. (of course, it's betteryou write yourself).

My software products run on most popular platforms,
including Digital UNIX OSF/1, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux,
Macintosh (M68K), Power Mac, SGI IRIX, Sun Solaris,
Sun OS, Windows 95, Windows NT. They are driven by
open-GL supported 3-D graphics engine. I have put
nine products together as a package which can
be used free only for academic purpose.
Following software products are included in the package:
rCBF:	        calculating regional Cerebral Blood flow
DualClr:	Dual display images using color wash method
EquPlot:	Plot curves for hundreds of equations
Image2D:	Extensive image processing and analysis tools
Kinetics:	tracer kinetics modeling, compartment modeling.
MedImage:	2D, 3D and 4D image display, visualization,
                manipulation,enhancement (Histogram equalization,
                Sobel and Roberts operators; image math,
                subtracting, multiplication, division, resizing,
                boolean operations, erosion and dilation,
                opening and closing ), defect correction
                (fitting; color shading; alignment; morphing) ,
                filtering, analysis, measurements (brightness
                measurement, length, feature sizes, cross products,
                ROI and VOI database and statistics … ),
                database for image files, database for ROI,
                segmentation and thresholding, image registration,
                segmentation and thresholding,  slicer, iso-surface,
                rendering ..
Patlak:	        Using Patlak regression method to calculate
                biological parameters
Plot1D:	        X-Y plot,  plot by external data, by drawing,
                by handreds of equations, curve fitting
ReadMed:	Read / Write / Uncompress / Decode / Translate
                almost all kinds of file formats (Standard,
                CT, MR, Nuclear Medicine, PET from different
                vendors) to DICOM 3.0 / TIFF / Raw / BITMAP
                file format or any kind of format the client wants

Other useful tools not included in the package are: Wavelet
Analysis, Compression for Medical Images, Scalegram, andDeNoise ; …
These tools are not fully completed. If you are interested
in, please let me know.Besides these software products, I can build some new
complete solutions for specialized data analysis and
visualization applications for your research purpose
only.  All of these are free. I have experience in
1) Developing easy to use, sophisticated medical imaging
    applications that meet task-specific requirements.
2) Building a fast, animated image "waterfall display"
    for large multispectral data sets.
3) Creating a sophisticated interface to explore    complex volume data.
4) 3D reconstruction, 3D tomography.
5) 3D graphics. Volume rendering,  Surface rendering;
    Guided flying through 3D graphics.
6) Providing an easy method for users to display
    graphics over the World Wide Web.7) And much more…
	I will listen and deliver what you want -
on time and it's free for a project which costs
less than 100 hours of work. I will work throughout
your development cycle, from defining the requirements,
prototyping to final installation. I can even work at
your location for one to three days (must include
weekends for three day) for final installation and
introduction to use. Of course, you can get any or all
my written software for free ( listed above).

These are all free, just at a cost of a recommendation letter.
If you are a professor, please reply this, email tomedimage at hotmail.com
I will tell you where to download my software on the web
or send you six floppy disks of my software.


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