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Mentifex Multiphasic Pre-Singularity Inventory

Jeff Fox jfox at ricochet.net
Mon Feb 16 14:53:59 EST 1998

Rich Walker wrote:
> Hey, if a consortium of AI appassionati were looking for a few good extra
> brains, I'd tell them that I was building robots, as that's a far more
> useful thing for a being to do. I don't want artificial intelligence: I
> want a machine that can do the washing up. Properly.

Is that just a dream or have you built a robot that can do
the washing up at all let alone properly?  I think you are right
that a lot of intelligence is not what is needed for many
practical things.  With humans I think we assume we have a minimal
intelligence to do those kinds of tasks and a lot of extra
intelligence isn't going to help that much.

I makes me think of Marvin the paranoid android in the Hitchhiker's
Guide to the Galexy.  "I have a brain the size of a planet and
he asks me if I can pick up a piece of paper! It's so depressing!"

Tomodatchi and rug bots may be popular but I am interested in
robots a bit higher up on the IQ scale.  I have enjoyed having
bots that are smart enough to find their way around, recognize
important images, recognize important sounds, connect to other
computers, verbally converse with a human, and explain their 
"reasoning" behind their actions.  I have not run all of these 
programs at one time on a mobile bot but it seems like it will 
happen when I can get to it.  I might put mentifex on top of
that so it will have something more interesting to say.

Jeff Fox              jfox at dnai.com    
Ultra Technology Inc. http://www.dnai.com/~jfox/

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