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Emf and spinal cord inj.

Ron Blue rcb5 at MSN.COM
Mon Feb 16 15:31:35 EST 1998

Well let me start off by saying I do not think that you are crazy.  Also
suspected cause of your problems is a very good guess.  Unfortunately,
your guess contradicts the zeitgeist of those who know how the brain
and nervious system work so it is likely your theory will be rejected and
theory that you are crazy or neurotic will be viewed as being closer to the

Nerve cells do not conduct electricity.  Nerve cells however can be
to fire in the present of EMF.   A strong magnetic field over the brain has
associated, depend upon location, of causing a finger to move, deja vu, less
pain, sadness, etc....

The cell phone and the tv produce EMF as you had suppected.  The
per second is standard relative to the equipment you have been exposed to.
The TV is 24 hertz, 75 hertz, and 60 hertz.  The cell phone is likely to be
900 megahertz.   Any effect that has occurred in the past can now be easily
evoked by simply see the equipment and feeling the effect of the EMF.
It may not even be necessary that the equipment be turned on any more
to feel the effect.

Why would this effect occur.   If nerve cells use oscillations,
and gaussian summation rules a standing wave of emf would influence
how the nervious system would work.   A standing wave of 40 hertz is likely
to be associated with consciousness.  A standing wave of 10 hertz is likely
to be associated with motor movement.   The emf explosure would entrain
the basic reference frequency and create problems.  Information may be
an modulation overwrite on the the basic reference frequency.   AM and FM
correlations have been reported.   These reports are unpopular.
Ron Blue
Read COP theory at http://www.enticypress.com for more insight.

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From: B Bell <bbell at portup.com>
Newsgroups: bionet.emf-bio
To: nobody at net.bio.net <nobody at net.bio.net>
Date: Monday, February 16, 1998 10:58 AM
Subject: Emf and spinal cord inj.

>Finally! I've found a place to communicate my problem to the experts in
>emfs! I am an RN and I work in public health. Ten years ago I was in an
>auto accident and fractured cervical vertebraes 5-6 resulting in
>quadraplegia and partial cord severage. Following a spinal fusion in the
>C5-6 area (utilizing metal wires and screws) I was able to rehabilitate
>over a few years to 80% normalicy. Three years ago I began experiencing
>problems when using a computer. These problems include loss of functioning
>in the most damaged areas of the right arm, hand, and leg, and bowel
>functioning. The loss would reverse after staying away from the computer
>for a few days. My docs at the University of Michigan had no answer for the
>loss of function or it's return. I could attribute it to my computer by
>trial and error. Then I started using a cell phone and the exact problems
>returned only quicker and more intense. The loss of functioning could be
>felt after a 5 minute conversation, but again, reversed back after a day or
>so. I limit my time spent on both the computer and cell phone.
>Recently, they upgraded the computers where I work and formed a
>multi-county network system. I find I cannot even be in the room for very
>long when someone is on the network. I feel a constriction in my neck with
>the resulting problems above. My theory is that the metal (and I don't know
>exactly what was used) in my neck expands the emf or draws it into the area
>of the fusion and irritates the nerves leading to the right side of my
>body. I'm really not crazy!!
>I am not knowledgeable as to what type of energy is used by these gadgets,
>nor do I know if they use the same source. I only know what I feel inside
>when I am exposed to computers, cell phones, and on-line servers and I know
>how long my body takes to rid of the effects. My right hand will actually
>go into a "claw" position during this experience. If any of you emf
>geniuses have ever heard anything remotely similar, please contact me. I
>need more information and would greatly appreciate it if someone would
>respond by email   bbell at portup.com     or phone 800-562-4832  ex. 340.
>My sincere thanks.
>Barbara Bell

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