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Mentifex Multiphasic Pre-Singularity Inventory

tob at world.std.com tob at world.std.com
Sat Feb 14 14:06:23 EST 1998

[Followup-To: comp.ai. Not to pick on comp.ai or anything...]

rstevew at armory.com (Richard Steven Walz)
> In article <Eo3Jyt.8LB at freenet.victoria.bc.ca>,
> Arthur <mentifex at scn.org> wrote:
> >As you know, the Mentifex Neuroscience-AI-Robotics Mind-Model has
> >been saturating the memetic hotspots of the World Wide Web with a
> >stated purpose of creating intelligent robots to serve both robot
> >and human society as foretold by Vinge writing on The Singularity.
> >Now your input is requested in the form of posting your response:
> ----------------------------------------
> How pompous while having born NO FRUIT!!
> -Steve

Sometimes I suspect "Mentifex" is itself a chatterbot, because of how
little sense it makes and because it keeps posting that ASCII diagram.
Chatterbots often imitate the insane (EG, PARRY) because that's a "low

If it's a bot, it's quite a good one, but it's inconsiderate to let it
address an unsuspecting Usenet audience. If it's a person, he's a
genuine crackpot.

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