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Mentifex Multiphasic Pre-Singularity Inventory

Richard Steven Walz rstevew at armory.com
Fri Feb 13 22:32:19 EST 1998

In article <Eo3Jyt.8LB at freenet.victoria.bc.ca>,
Arthur <mentifex at scn.org> wrote:
>As you know, the Mentifex Neuroscience-AI-Robotics Mind-Model has
>been saturating the memetic hotspots of the World Wide Web with a
>stated purpose of creating intelligent robots to serve both robot
>and human society as foretold by Vinge writing on The Singularity.
>Now your input is requested in the form of posting your response:
How pompous while having born NO FRUIT!!

>01.  Do you wish to see more posts about Mentifex or fewer?  Why?
Only if you make sense and tell all and how, otherwise if you're just a
"mysterious" crank-moron, keep it to yourself!!

>02.  Do you have any advice on what should be done with Mentifex?
I usually ask people to jam REAL OBJECTS up their butts, not virtual ones,
but I COULD make an exception in your case.

>03.  If you host a Web site, would you be willing to (go for it!):
>- provide an AI discussion area, such as a guestbook?
No, I haven't see anyone building awarenesses yet, so I think I'll wait!!

>- build an AI and let it reside at your site?
Sure, IF I knew how, OR if YOU knew how and showed me. You don't and likely
therefore can't!!

>- archive the survey responses of yourself and others?
Waste of space till someone builds one.

>- HTML a mind-diagram and a link to http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/
Your bullshit diagram tells nobody anything and you can't explain it
without losing your mind and train of thought! So forget that!!

>- boldly go where no website has gone before by_________________.
Don't be stupid...

>04.  Do you ever listen to or participate in verbal discussion of
>the Mentifex ideas on how to construct artifical minds for robots?
>If so, please describe the tenor and flavor of the rumor or humor.
Sure, I've talked to others, there are some basic ideas that show promise,
but none have been implemented successfully by you or anyone else. Then
again, one can assert with some merit, that any responsive device is aware
in some way at some level, that "mentality" is ubiquitous in processes.
This is acceptable, but further, I don't see that Awareness is ubiquitous
in processes, and further, that SELF_Awareness is an outgrowth of processes
which are now understood or expressed, and you show NO examples thereof.
I think it's almost surely possible and desireable!
I just think that YOU'RE a NUT-CAKE!!

>05.  Do you concur with the assessment of Mentifex AI as given at
>http://www.crank.net/ (as just another crank project) also at CMU
>http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs.cmu.edu/user/jeffrey/www/loons/ even
>if you are a scientist who normally reserves judgment about ideas?
Thanks for those links: I'd figured you out for myself, however!!
I'd be glad to reserve judgment on a theory which made any sense and showed
or predicted ANYTHING accurately. You're a nutcake and a crank!! You say
NOTHING that makes any sense on this group. I don't go to websites of the
insane. They have to show on NEWSGROUP FIRST that they have a chance of
being worthwhile!!! You NEVER DO!!! You never even TRY!! You're merely a
manic-delusional who can't even HEAR others you have so many voices in your

>06.  In response to the Mentifex "Eureka!" claim of firstest with
>the mostest in developing a Unified Theory of Mind, what say you?
Prove it, or else:
You're a total nutcake!!

>07.  Are you far better at writing or conducting surveys than you
>see here, and so would you please give it a try and post results?
No thanks...

>08.  Are there any aspects of the Unified Theory of Cognition for
>which you would like to see greater detail or explanation posted?
All of it, out front, so we can try it or see that you're totally insane
and delusional right away instead of waiting for you to start sending bombs
in the mail. Then, if we all TELL you you're a nutcake, we want you to shut
the fuck up and go away!

>09.  If a consortium of AI appassionati is looking for a few good
>extra brains, is there a bit that you would do as your life-work?
If I can see a way to make it work, I'll volunteer my BRAIN to try to
migrate into such an AI, how's that!! You're not the ONLY far-out and
committed person here, but you don't admit that you have said NOTHING!!

>10.  Given the likelihood that future historians and philosophers
>will be studying what you say ON THE RECORD for centuries to come,
>would you please now like to post something in remembrance of you:
This guy is likely a complete nutcake, and I've never heard him even TRY to
explain his ASCII-graphical mantra/design on this newsgroup!! He has NOTHING
BUILT that works, and *IF* he's right, he's actually the most STUPID person
on earth as a self-publicist in addition to being so! This seems most
unlikely!! Idiots have had flashes of inspiration, but they made EFFORTS to
explain themselves and build a device proving their principle! He doesn't
and hasn't!! ANYBODY can draw some idiotic flowchart for awareness. Now
let's see him implement his!!!
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