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Mentifex Multiphasic Pre-Singularity Inventory

Rich Walker rw at shadow.org.uk
Fri Feb 13 23:56:11 EST 1998

Steve: Can I be the first to say it's been quiet round here without you!

In message <6c3383$sod at news.scruz.net>
          rstevew at armory.com (Richard Steven Walz) wrote:
> In article <Eo3Jyt.8LB at freenet.victoria.bc.ca>,
> Arthur <mentifex at scn.org> wrote:

[snip justified flaming]
> >04.  Do you ever listen to or participate in verbal discussion of
> >the Mentifex ideas on how to construct artifical minds for robots?
> >If so, please describe the tenor and flavor of the rumor or humor.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Sure, I've talked to others, there are some basic ideas that show promise,
> but none have been implemented successfully by you or anyone else. 

I might one day go and look at this web site. Then again, I might not. If
I do, what bits did you think were good?

> Then
> again, one can assert with some merit, that any responsive device is aware
> in some way at some level, that "mentality" is ubiquitous in processes.

There's a classic argument that an alarm clock is alive, based on the
careful generalisation of `response'...

[snip more amusing sniping]

> >09.  If a consortium of AI appassionati is looking for a few good
> >extra brains, is there a bit that you would do as your life-work?
> ------------------------------------------------------
> If I can see a way to make it work, I'll volunteer my BRAIN to try to
> migrate into such an AI, how's that!! You're not the ONLY far-out and
> committed person here, but you don't admit that you have said NOTHING!!
> -Steve

Hey, if a consortium of AI appassionati were looking for a few good extra
brains, I'd tell them that I was building robots, as that's a far more
useful thing for a being to do. I don't want artificial intelligence: I
want a machine that can do the washing up. Properly.

> >10.  Given the likelihood that future historians and philosophers
> >will be studying what you say ON THE RECORD for centuries to come,
> >would you please now like to post something in remembrance of you:
> ----------------------------------------
> This guy is likely a complete nutcake, and I've never heard him even TRY
> to explain his ASCII-graphical mantra/design on this newsgroup!! He has
> NOTHING BUILT that works, and *IF* he's right, he's actually the most
> STUPID person on earth as a self-publicist in addition to being so! This
> seems most unlikely!! Idiots have had flashes of inspiration, but they
> made EFFORTS to explain themselves and build a device proving their
> principle! He doesn't and hasn't!! ANYBODY can draw some idiotic
> flowchart for awareness. Now let's see him implement his!!! -Steve

I bow in awe at this statement. 

cheers, Rich.

Rich Walker: rw at shadow.org.uk (Shadow Robot Project)
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