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Thu Feb 12 14:49:05 EST 1998

On 1 Feb 1998 17:12:44 GMT, you wrote:

>I am awfully NERVOUS. I don't understand what is happening to me, but every
>time I have to study something, even things that I like a lot, I start to
>feel a terrible sensation of "electricity in my body" and my hands become
>as cold as ice. So I have to decide what to do in life. I just graduated,
>and I am supposed to find a job where I would have to use my brain, but how
>can I handle it?
>Isn't it better for me to renegade my studies and go to clean floors?
>Can anyone help me?

If you feel happier cleaning floors, do it.
Make yourself free from people telling you what you have to do.
YOU are the one who has to feel happy or content with what he is
Some like cleaning the toilets, because there no one tells them what
to do and many leave money because they would not want to do it, and
because most know where to aim, so it is an easy job.
Some like gardening, planting things, watching them grow.
Some like to study like mad and sit under electric light and collect
Some work to get enough money to go travelling in poorer countries,
pack their stuff, and space across Earth.
Some say they do not really care that much where they work, for them
it is important to find a nice partner and share a beutiful, content
life at home, sometimes going out for walks in summers and maybe
museums and theater in winters... Meeting with friends and play games
or chat...
And that compared to that whatever job they do is secondary  as long
as it is not too annoying, and is just some means to get money...

As long as you follow the prejudices of others what you have to do, I
doubt you will be happy.

Do what feels good to you, 
as long as you don't hinder others in their ways.

Graduate can mean that you babble after some shrink that the amygdala,
hypothalamus, hormones, endorphines and so on are all the "it"
(sorry, not sure on the English terms, am German).
Graduate means that someone grades you.
If you need to be graded, O.K.

But maybe the point will come in your life where you will think that
all humans go their ways, make different good and bad experiences,
that many are insecure and try to hide it behind bragging, masks or in
other ways,  and that all in all you are beyond the point of grading
as that might not increase what you learn either.

You do not say why you are nervous, so I cannot tell you anything
concrete about it and just babble general stuff.

I can tell you about a pathway.
That has to do with your hypothalamus, a region in the brain where
rank-fighting programs are.
Some always compare themselves to others and do not see all beings as
even. It can make them feel an inferiority complex.
And with males reduce testosterone, which has a lot of emotional
According to what I heard when certain stress is felt for a long time,
espeically if in connection with fear,
via a connection chain from the hypothalamus to a gland nearby 
to the adrenal glands in your body 
cortisol is realeased.

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