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SCIENCE-WEEK: Headlines (6 Feb 98)

Claire Haller prismx at scienceweek.com
Thu Feb 5 14:25:24 EST 1998

SCIENCE-WEEK is a free weekly Email digest of the news of
science read each week by 50,000+ people in the scientific
community in more than 30 countries. News briefs from the major
journals are amplified with enough background material to make
them intelligible to nonspecialists: the biology is detailed for
physicists and chemists, and the physics and chemistry are
detailed for biologists. Each issue contains 15 to 20 news
reports, plus annotated listings of new books in the sciences.

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Contents of the Latest Issue Feb 6, 1998:

1. Swiss Government to Preempt Gene Technology Referendum
2. More Controversy Concerning Policy on Xenotransplants
3. Apparent Extensive Plagiarism by Polish Scientist
4. Historical Evidence of Deception by Wireless Inventor Marconi
5. Mounting Evidence for a Sub-Surface Ocean on Jupiter's Europa
6. A Simulation Model for Modern and Glacial Climates
7. Evidence for a Quark-Gluon Plasma
8. A Method for the Synthesis of Durable Organic Gels
9. A Functional Non-Protein Model for an Enzyme Catalyst
10. Rho Enzymes and the Actin Cytoskeleton
11. Intermediate Filaments and Intracellular Scaffolding
12. Motor Proteins and Organelle Transport
13. On the Function of Unconventional Myosins
14. A Criticism of the Prion Hypothesis
15. A New Protein That Acts as an Embryological Head Inducer
16. On the Chemistry and Neurophysiological Action of Vanilloids
17. The Role of Visual Experience in Development of Visual Cortex
18. Phantom Sensations Evoked by Human Thalamic Microstimulation
19. An HIV Protein That Protects the Host Cell Against T-Cells
20. Evidence for Axonal Transection in Multiple Sclerosis Lesions
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