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Can I learn Digital?

cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Feb 2 10:15:34 EST 1998

"Steve Black" <sblack at enternet.com.au> wrote:


>I was wondering if anyone here knows of any research into the speed at which
>humans could process a digital signal that was interfaced to nerve cells via
>touch. If I had a device that touched my skin and gave a digital signal (via
>pressure for example), could I 'learn' binary code? Could I learn to 'run'
>this signal through an internally learnt program and translate, say, a
>digital ASCII signal into language in my brain?

>Juz wondering.


I do not know if you can learn it or not.
But if I ever were to attempt it I'd go via the brain or the
perceiving center in the belly, not touch.
Try to find a real magician & teach you how to communicate in
mind-language. If you learn to do that with another person you can
also dock into a computer.
But I really do not know if you could read binary.

Maybe if you found a way to start with one two different signals and
then take more and speed them up more and more.

Opposite to what someone mentioned about language I do not think that
that one would run over language centers, because if I switch down to
magic  the language centers are going off-line and takes me up to two
minutes to be able to speak again.
And if someone talks to me in that stage it's like a really
uncomfortable pull and it is super-difficult for me to maintain both
simultanously; must be very different centers in the brain.

I do not know how long it takes to become good enough in magic
communicating to do that, but it might be years.
The bloke who showed me the first time was able to generate dozens of
different stages in my brain that I have never seen before, and that
means something, as I have done some weird experiments in my brain and
probably know more about some areas in the brain and how they are
working together, as nearly anyone on this planet.

At the end of your e-mail address there is "au".
Is that Australia?
I come from Germany and have never been to Australia, though I do not
know if it is true, but here rumours say that some Australians
together with shamans from Peru are (after India) the greatest
Magicians of Earth.

Go to the ones who can communciate without language in the old way
and try to learn.

When you do that "switch yourself to zero" and relax, try to "catch
the frequencies they send".
One of the easiest ways is to sit about 1-2m from another person and
look at them or "through them".

It takes long to learn this, because these are very old sectors in the
brain and the according programs are not really used by Westerners
because for many centuries the Christians burned all who did to
destroy the knowledge.
So the connections within the brain between the needed centers are
very weak, and it takes months & years for them to turn form some
trickly axons to super-highways between the needed areas.

It is a lot of mental work and you need to restructure many
connections in your brain for that (!!!which will change your
but if I got the intention behind your question right   and if it is
really worth all the fuss for you  I recommend to try that way.

But maybe if you understand magic  computers will become only a random
interest field...

L. Weaver 

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