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How a neuronal fiber holds a concept.

Corey Hansen myemail at myserver.com
Sun Feb 1 15:34:14 EST 1998

Huh? Maybe if you shorten that people will read it!

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mentifex at scn.org wrote in message ...
>How a neuronal fiber holds an idea or concept:
>This Usenet posting focuses on the role and activity of a single
>concept fiber for several reasons:
>   1.  So as to state clear, unambiguous ideas.
>   2.  So as to describe something BUILDABLE in hard-/software.
>   3.  So as to respond to Seth Russell's posts on representation.
>   4.  So as to state the Mentifex mind-model at its simplest.
>Imagine that you are a long neuronal fiber stretching across the
>great neuronal sheet of the human cortex, and that you are the
>brain-mind embodiment of a concept (but only PART of an idea).
>As a nerve fiber you can be either on or off, energized or not
>energized, and at states in between, but you do not HOLD your
>concept in the sense of CONTAINING it.  Just as no "homunculus"
>sits in your head, likewise no "conceptunculum" lies in a fiber.
>Let us say that you are the long neuronal fiber of the concept
>"(to) eat."  The word "eat" is NOT inside your fiber-body, but
>rather you CONTROL the word "eat" at various temporal points in
>your life-long auditory memory channel.  If you as the "eat" fiber
>become fully energized, or "on," you will fire signal-spikes
>across associative tags stretching from your own synapses over
>to the recall-synapses of forms of the word "eat" in the auditory
>memory.  Then your internal ear will hear, that is, THINK, the
>word "eat."  You as a concept-fiber will have caused part of a
>THOUGHT -- an expressiomn of an IDEA.
>Let us back up to WHY you become active in co-creating a thought.
>Both BLANKET inputs and SINGLE inputs may partially or fully
>energize you -- turn you "on."
>BLANKET (semi-activating) signals come from other neuronal fibers
>that are part of the SYNTAX control architecture.  In your case,
>when the Chomskyan syntactic mind is trying to generate a thought
>or sentence to the effect that "X eats Y," a node on the neuronal
>syntactic tree sends out a BLANKET signal which partially activates
>many -- perhaps ALL -- verbs in the vocabulary of your host mind.
>The host mind is grasping for (French:) "le mot juste" -- the best
>word to express the idea of consuming something with the mouth.
>[You do not think about this search; you are only a cog in a Cog.]
>SINGLE inputs come to you from SINGLE sources, such as from what-
>ever NOUN your host mind is thinking about.  Let us say that you
>as the nerve-fiber for "eat" have been active in the past with
>hundreds of different subject nouns such as "lions" and "tigers"
>and "bears."  If you have already been semi-energized by a BLANKET
>signal from a syntax node trying to FLUSH out an appropriate verb,
>and if a SINGLE spike comes to you from a particular subject such
>as "bears," then you will go into full activation and you will
>send out your own "SEMI-ACTIVATING" signals to other concept fibers.
>You will semi-activate ALL the other (object) concept fibers ("Y")
>with which you have ever been involved on the basis of "X eats Y."
>If "bear(s)" is fully active, and if "eat" is fully active, then
>many concept fibers of things that bears typically eat will be
>SEMI-ACTIVATED.  What pushes a particular "object" concept fiber
>"over the top" into the FULL ACTIVATION that rouses a WORD-string
>within the auditory memory channel?  The TIME and CIRCUMSTANCE of
>SPREADING ACTIVATION cause a particular OBJECT concept to turn on.
>Although you as the concept fiber "eat" have been active with many
>subjects and many objects, it was always at a particular time in
>the life-history of your host mind, and so the JOINT influence of
>the BLANKET syntax signal and the single ONE-TIME subject signal
>from the "bears" concept will SELECT only that particular "object"
>fiber (for associative activation) which has SIMULTANEITY tags
>stretching from "X" to "Y" in the "X eats Y" nexus of association.
>This revolting, shocking proposition says that our minds store
>ideas and knowledge as a temporal, that is, TIME-BOUND nexus of
>associative tags, typically centered around a linguistic verb
>that links to subject-concepts and to object-concepts.  Knowledge
>is represented within a brain as SIMULTANEOUS links among the
>constituent concept-fibers of an idea expressible as a sentence.
>The Mentifex mind diagram below shows only one fiber per concept,
>but similar concept-fibers holding the same concept are REDUNDANT
>in MASSIVE PARALLELISM lest perish the thought if its underlying
>concept fiber should die -- as brain cells are wont to do.  GANGS
>of concept fibers holding a single concept act logically as ONE.
>  Hearing    Vision    Concepts Volition Emotion   Motor Output
> /iiiiiii\  /!i!i!i!\                             /YYYYYYYYYYYY\
>| ||||||| || ||||||| |  B H   E                  | |||||||||||| |
>| ||||||| || | ___ | |  + +   +                  | |||||||||||| |
>| ||||||| ||  /   \  |  +----/ \                 | |S|||||||||| |
>| ||||||| || (bears)-|--+ + (eat)                | |H|||||||||| |
>| ||||||| ||  \___/  |  + +  \_/                 | |A|||||||||| |
>| ||||||| ||         |  + +---+             __   | |K|||||||||| |
>| || |||| ||         |  +------------------/  \  | |E|||R|||||| |
>| ||e-----||---------|--------+    ____   (fear)-|--*|||U|||K|| |
>| |a||||| ||   ___   |  + +   +   /    \---\__/  | |||||N|||I|| |
>| |||t||| ||  /   \  |  + +---+  / de-  \--------|------*|||L|| |
>| ||| ||| || (honey)-|----+   + (  ci-   )       | |||||||||L|| |
>| ||||||| ||  \___/  |  + +---+  \ sion /--------|----------*|| |
>| ||||||| ||         |  + +   +   \____/         | |||||||||||| |
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